Working Out High: Is It Safe to Take Weed or CBD While at the Gym?

Working Out High: Should You Take Weed or CBD While at the Gym?

Have you ever thought about hitting the gym and working out high? Believe it or not, some fitness fanatics swear by it.

“Stoner-cisers” say weed adds a whole new dimension to their workouts, allowing them to focus better and even enjoy the process more.

But do weed and weight rooms really mix? 🤔

It's a good question that only you can answer after careful consideration. So, before you blaze up and do some “high” intensity weight lifting, let's look at the pros, cons, and some of the potential dangers of working out stoned.

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    The pros and cons of working out high

    First, we’ll explore some of the reported benefits of working out high.

    A spark of creativity

    The psychoactive effect of THC has the tendency to change its users’ perspective on things. Proponents say THC before working out often sparks innovation and renews interest in routines that otherwise feel stagnant and repetitive. A rather dull and ordinary routine can suddenly transform into a into a wild and pumped-up gym party where you’re crushing it like never before.

    Pain and inflammation relief

    One of the pros of working out high comes down to THC’s renowned pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects. THC relieves pain by decreasing your sensitivity to it, allowing for extended exercise periods. You never know — THC may turn that grimace into a grin during a strenuous workout while high.

    Improved concentration and focus

    Enthusiasts attribute improved concentration during their workouts to THC, saying it helps them get into the zone more easily.

    All this sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

    But wait — not so fast.

    We can’t forget..!

    The cons of working out while high

    On the flip side, there are some important drawbacks to working out stoned that need to be considered before you toke and lift for the first time.

    Risk of serious injury

    While pain relief sounds appealing, working out stoned can be a risky business. You might become so zoned out that you overdo it. But that’s not the worst possible outcome from working out stoned. Studies show marijuana use causes immediate impairment of psychomotor skills, lasting about an hour after use. Impairment of your motor skills can have wide-ranging effects, including reduced coordination, slower reaction times, and increased likelihood of accidents and mishaps.

    Decrease in cardiorespiratory performance

    The heavy dose of particulates in your lungs, thanks to smoking weed, could affect cardiorespiratory performance during intense exercise, according to research from the Missouri State Medical Association. That could be bad news if you’re planning on pushing the limits of your heart rate and V02 maxes.

    Elevated blood pressure

    The potential health risks, such as elevated blood pressure, should not be ignored — especially for those already prone to hypertension or other heart problems. Talk to your doctor if you have heart disease or have been diagnosed with any cardiovascular health issues.

    Legal and social impact

    Not to be dramatic, but depending on where you live, if you’re physically lighting up in or around the public, it could get you kicked out or even arrested. Times are changing, though, so just be aware of the potential legal and social issues depending on where you live.

    How to find the right balance and incorporate marijuana into a healthy lifestyle

    When it comes to incorporating weed into your healthy lifestyle, it’s all about finding the right balance. Understanding your body, choosing the right strain, monitoring dosage, and aligning your marijuana use with your fitness goals can create a harmonious relationship. It’s not about excess but finding what works for you — responsibly and legally — of course.

    Oh, and definitely let your doctor know what’s up. You may or may not get an earful, depending on your provider. But it’s always a good idea to have a professional on standby who knows your health history in case things go awry.

    Smoking pot vs taking a THC-infused CBD oil or supplement

    Smoking weed before workouts decreases cardiorespiratory performance, which is quite a big red flag because it can affect every activity, from the basics like walking or jogging on the treadmill to more complex tasks involving heavy weights and powerlifting.

    That’s why ardent THC users who work out high don’t smoke at all. Instead, they take oral THC-infused CBD oils or supplements. Oral THC products provide more control over your dosing schedule and tend to make for a smoother experience overall.

    What is a THC:CBD ratio product?

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    Your method of consumption — from smoking flower to dabbing concentrates to edibles to oil tinctures — can influence how THC or CBD affects your workouts. Smoking and dabbing produce the most acute effects, while edibles take more time to work and typically last the longest.

    Ways to reduce the risks of exercising high

    For those considering THC for gym sessions or those already on the journey, safety should be your priority. Here are some crucial tips to keep in mind:

    Stay hydrated

    THC can cause dry mouth, which interferes with your body’s natural thirst mechanism. Be sure to always have a water bottle handy and take regular sips every 15 to 30 minutes to stay hydrated.

    Know your limits

    If you’re new to working out with marijuana, start by taking one-half or one-quarter of the lowest effective dose (i.e., 2.5 to 5 mg THC). This can be considered a form of microdosing that helps you determine the right amount for you. It’s essential you understand how THC affects your mind and body, especially during physical exertion, before increasing your dose.

    Bring a sober friend along for the ride

    A workout buddy who is sober can keep an eye on you to ensure you’re safe and not overdoing it.

    Avoid heavy machinery

    Always pair down complexity where you can if you’re planning on working out while high. You should steer clear of heavily loaded or complex movement patterns that require sharp focus and coordination until you know how THC affects you.

    Consider the alternatives to THC

    If the idea of working out after taking a toke is appealing, but the risks feel too great for your liking, consider the CBD alternative. It’s got many of the same benefits as THC without any psychoactive side effects.

    Introducing CBD, THC’s sober sibling

    Allow us to introduce you to Cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive alternative to weed. Think of it as THC’s responsible sibling, always doing the right thing and never causing a ruckus.

    • Full spectrum CBD contains the complete entourage of beneficial compounds found in cannabis (cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids). It even has tiny levels of THC that are enough to promote benefits yet too small to go to your head or make you feel “stoned.”
    • Broad spectrum CBD is your best choice if you prefer to abstain from THC altogether. You get the same benefits from broad spectrum CBD with no detectable levels of THC (0.0%).
    • Isolate is the cleanest form of CBD there is, with 99.7% pure CBD and 0.00% THC.

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    CBD vs THC for working out

    The choice between CBD and THC matters when you plan to hit the gym.

    THC promotes psychoactive effects that some people find beneficial — even enjoyable — whereas CBD has no psychoactive effects. Instead, CBD offers whole-body healing without the high, making it the perfect choice for people who like to remain 100% sober during their workouts.

    Weighing up the potential pros and cons of each cannabis product type can help you decide which one is right for you based on your workout style and personal preferences.

    CBD for pre and post-workout

    Full spectrum CBD offers the most benefits without getting you high compared to THC. CBD expedites post-workout recovery, reduces inflammation, and supports focus and relaxation.

    Choose hemp-derived CBD products if you want to experience the best side of cannabis with the risk of psychoactive effects from THC.

    Add CBD pre and post-workout for extra support on your fitness journey.

    Taking CBD before your workout

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    The benefits of CBD in the gym

    Whether you’re a beginner fitness enthusiast or a seasoned weightlifter, CBD might be the extra boost you’ve been looking for.

    Let’s explore the various ways that CBD can help make your physical wellness journey that much more rewarding.

    Pain relief

    No more wincing with every lift or step because CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties offer natural relief from pain. Push through even the most challenging moments during your workouts with the power of hemp plant medicine!

    Energy and stamina

    Whether it’s traditional cardio like running on the treadmill or Stairmaster, doing a session of HIIT, weightlifting, or body building, adding CBD before a workout could be the key to unlocking untapped stamina and energy levels you never knew existed.

    Mood enhancement

    Feeling down or stressed? Take CBD to boost your mood and lift your spirits, making your fitness session more productive and enjoyable.


    After the workout has come and gone, the benefits of CBD may be as vital as ever. Support your body’s natural healing process and shorten recovery time between bouts of exercise. Adding CBD to the mix can help get you ready for your next challenge sooner.

    Focus and mental sharpness

    Find your gym sessions more targeted and effective with CBD. Improved focus and mental sharpness help you perfect those complex movement patterns and reach your fitness goals more safely.

    Taking CBD after a workout for rapid muscle recovery

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    Final weigh-in on weed and working out

    Only you know how marijuana affects you. That’s why you are the best judge when it comes to your health, fitness, and overall well-being. The bottom line, whether you decide to add marijuana products to your fitness routine or not, is to reduce the risk of accidents and injury.

    Remember, resistance and weightlifting workouts challenge your stability, mobility, strength, and endurance, all while you’re attempting to control heavy metal objects in space. It’s a lot to handle, so you’ve got to stay mindful and present throughout your routine.

    Whether you’re planning to smoke weed before your next workout or leaning towards trialing the non-psychoactive CBD alternative, knowledge is power. Weigh up the pros and cons and decide what best aligns with your personal lifestyle and fitness goals.

    Be safe, be fit, and be well! 💪🏼

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