CBD for Sex: How Does CBD Make You Last Longer in Bed?

Does CBD Make You Last Longer? Discover the Secret Sexual Benefits of Hemp Extracts

We’re betting that you’re always on the lookout for ways to up your game to the next level, whether that means excelling in the gym, at the office, or — our personal favorite 😈 — in the bedroom. Maybe you’ve glanced at the CBD products at your local health store and found yourself wondering if the rumors about CBD for sex are true:

“Does CBD make you last longer..?”

Come along for the ride as we study the sexual benefits of CBD and find out whether all of the hype is really justified, according to scientific evidence.

(Spoiler alert, it is!)

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    Is it really possible that the humble cannabis plant — the same one that’s been used by humans for millennia — has the power to improve your sexual performance and stamina tonight?

    You bet it is!

    Let’s explore the many ways CBD oil for sex can boost your sexual function and help you last longer in bed.

    Vasodilation and blood flow

    Cannabidiol, called CBD for short, is a natural medicine called a cannabinoid that you can only get from the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids like CBD (and others, including CBN, CBG, CBDV, and CBC) have gained quite a reputation for themselves thanks to their potential health benefits. One of the many benefits of CBD is its vasodilatory effects. Simply put, CBD promotes the expansion of blood vessels.

    This enhanced blood circulation can not only lead to better cardiovascular health and blood pressure, but as an added bonus, the improved blood flow has a direct impact on men’s sexual performance. As the penis relies on strong blood flow to maintain a firm erection during sexual arousal, this little-known benefit of CBD is particularly appealing to men experiencing erectile dysfunction (also known as ED).

    Is CBD the solution for erectile dysfunction (ED)?

    Penile sexual health is a common issue among men and can severely impact your sex life and sexual function. Scientific research suggests that thanks to its vasodilatory effects and its potential to boost libido and reduce sexual anxiety, CBD might be a science-backed game changer for those dealing with ED.

    The even better news is that integrating CBD into your daily life has never been easier, so your next sexual experience can be something you look forward to rather than something that causes you to feel sexual performance anxiety and stress.

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    CBD benefits for men

    In addition to its potential ability to aid the symptoms of ED, there’s another intriguing angle worth talking about when it comes to CBD for sexual health, and that’s premature ejaculation (PE).

    Researchers know CBD works on TRPV-1 receptors, also known as the capsaicin receptors. Activating TRPV-1 with substances like capsaicin — or CBD — creates a temporary numbing effect that decreases pain sensation. This same temporary numbing effect from TRPV-1 activation by CBD may help men last longer in bed after applying CBD oil directly to the head of the penis.

    Dealing with sexual performance anxiety

    Believe it or not, intimacy, in all of its complexities, doesn’t come as easy to everyone as it does in the movies — and that’s perfectly normal. A lot of men (and women) grapple with sexual anxiety, whether that’s discomfort, awkwardness, mood issues, performance anxiety, or a million other things in between.

    Even though you’re certainly not alone in this, it’s no secret that sexual issues cause a negative impact on your sex drive and overall sexual experience.

    Fear not, because this is where CBD comes into play — literally!

    CBD oil for sex is the perfect lubrication to increase sexual arousal right out of the gate. But CBD offers so much more for your sexual enhancement. The natural calming benefits of CBD relax your mind to help you feel more confident and sure of yourself during intimate moments with your partner.

    Less anxiety and sexual performance concerns with more time nuzzled close to the person you love? That sure sounds like a lot more fun than the alternative, don’t you think? Plus, with products like CBD gummies and CBD softgels on the market, they’re ready to go when you need to be.

    Are topical or edible cannabis products better for sex?

    Which form of CBD product you choose depends on your goals in the bedroom!

    Oral and edible cannabis products, like oil tinctures, CBD gummies, softgels — and even CBD honey sticks if you’re kinky and love a little food play in the bedroom 😛 — take about 30 to 60 minutes to act and last about 4 to 6 hours. Using CBD orally promotes whole-body benefits by way of the endocannabinoid system and other signaling pathways.

    Topical CBD use is recommended for local effects if using CBD to last longer in bed and reduce the potential for premature ejaculation. Apply CBD topically to the area that needs a little sexual numbing and give it a few minutes for the effects to become noticeable.

    You can also try both oral and topical CBD use to double up and maximize your CBD product benefits.

    Getting the CBD dosage just right to boost libido

    Are you wondering how much CBD to take for sexual enhancement?

    Great question! There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer because each person is unique. But the good news is that it’s really easy to figure out the right CBD dose you need for best results.

    How much CBD oil do I use to last longer in bed?

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    Beginning cannabis users should start low and go slow. Take CBD once and see how your body and brain react, then gradually make adjustments to your dosage from there. This process is called titration, and it simply means adjusting and moderating your CBD dose to find the amount that works best for you.

    Whether you opt for topical CBD lubricant, CBD oils in the form of tinctures, CBD gummies, or any of our many CBD products, always follow the instructions on the label and use only as directed.

    Is CBD for sexual health safe?

    Cannabiva CBD oils are absolutely safe for use in, on, and around your body and reproductive organs because we make them with 100% organically grown cannabis plant material and USDA-certified organic MCT oil.

    All our CBD products are triple lab tested — once after harvest, then after extraction, and lastly, the finished product form — to guarantee there are no pesticides, harmful chemicals, or heavy metals.

    Talk to your healthcare professional before using CBD for sex if you have been diagnosed with any serious health issue or if you think you may suffer from a serious health issue.

    Are CBD side effects a risk?

    Side effects are rare when CBD products for sex are used as guidelines direct. Less than one-half of one percent (0.5%) of Cannabiva CBD users may experience adverse effects following their CBD use. Adverse reactions could include dry mouth, stomach upset, or drowsiness.

    Allergic reactions to CBD are not common. However, your allergy risk may increase if you have a history of food allergies or hypersensitivity to prescription or over-the-counter treatment, according to research studies.

    How long does CBD stay in the system?

    So, you’ve thoroughly enjoyed the benefits of CBD, and now you’re wondering how long they’ll stick around. Typically you can expect the acute effects of CBD to last up to 4 to 6 hours per dose.

    Explore the factors that affect how long CBD lasts

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    CBD stays in your system for 2 to 5 days with occasional use but may linger for longer depending on factors like your body weight, metabolism, and frequency of use.

    Will taking CBD to last longer cause me to test positive on a drug test?

    Using CBD for better sexual health may cause you to test positive on a drug test if it contains any detectable levels of psychoactive chemicals from the cannabis plant, including THCA, THCV, Delta-8 THC, and Delta-9 THC.

    You should avoid products with detectable THC levels if you are scheduled to undergo rigorous drug testing in the next 30 days.

    IS CBD FDA approved?

    No, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA.gov) has not approved CBD to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. CBD health claims are based on historical and contemporary use and based on current scientific evidence from cannabis use research.

    Beyond the bedroom

    In case you weren’t already aware, CBD isn’t just making moves in the bedroom. Many people are turning to CBD oils and CBD gummies to make their workout more effective and leave more energy in the tank for intimacy.

    See how CBD works its magic in the bedroom and the gym!

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    So just to clarify, not only can CBD potentially help you last longer in bed, but it could also give you an edge at the gym. How’s that for multitasking?

    The last word on CBD sexual benefits

    Modern man is always evolving, and right now, he has his eye on CBD to enhance sexual desire and performance.

    In answering that burning question, “Does CBD make you last longer,” the results certainly are clear and resounding, according to researchers: From its potential to tackle ED to increasing longevity and stamina, it seems like CBD is on the precipice of revolutionizing sexual experiences for men and women all over the world.

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