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Cannabiva brand full spectrum distillate is a raw CBD extract that you can blend into anything from edible baked goodies and savory snacks to skin balms, moisturizers, soaps, bath bombs, and more.¹

Try our concentrated distillate today and get creative with how you enjoy CBD — your imagination is the only limit with Cannabiva!

CONTENTS: Buy full spectrum CBD distillate in 1,000 to 10,000 mg container sizes. Highly concentrated CBD distillates may crystalize and harden at room temperature. Use low heat to soften and melt before mixing for best results. Vaping distillate requires a compatible device. Consult your device user manual for directions.

Get the most from your CBD Wellness Plan with Cannabiva true full spectrum distillate — it’s the purest form of full spectrum CBD there is!²

Introducing Cannabiva distillate

Our lab-tested distillate is loaded with 95% pure CBD and features up to 5% minor cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, CBC, CBDa, and CBDV. It also provides trace amounts of up to 0.3% THC.

Cannabiva is supercharged with 25 cannabis sativa plant terpenes that give our full spectrum distillate an unbelievably bright and uplifting out-of-this-world flavor.

Great taste and fantastic aroma are not the only benefits of our terpene-rich distillate. Research shows cannabinoids and terpenes work best together, so we made sure our distillate was jam-packed with both for optimal synergistic effects.

How CBD distillates work

Phytochemicals are natural plant medicines in distillate that promote health benefits. They include cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and polyphenols. The more of these phytochemicals in your CBD distillate, the better job it does relieving your everyday wellness concerns.

In the body, these phytochemicals act like tiny messengers that help your endocannabinoid system (ECS) regulate vital functions. When phytochemicals bind to endocannabinoid receptor sites, it’s like they are sending a direct message to that part of the body. That message may tell your body to do different things, such as improve mood, soothe tension, calm anxiety, reduce pain sensitivity, or signal an anti-inflammatory response.

Scientists have dubbed this natural phenomenon the entourage effect, and it’s how CBD distillate works to help you feel better.³

Benefits of CBD distillate

Use Cannabiva CBD once or more times daily for these common wellness concerns:

  • Nervous tension
  • Occasional anxiety
  • Mild mood changes
  • Minor muscle aches and joint pain
  • Inflammation
  • Immune system function
  • Digestion
  • Sleep/wake balance

Talk to your doctor before adding CBD products to your wellness plan.

Who should use CBD distillates

Cooks, bakers, and do-it-yourself cosmetics and soap makers love CBD distillates. But the truth is they are perfect for anyone who enjoys working with raw materials and wants to create CBD products of their own.

Turn any sweet treat into a powerful natural medicine with Cannabiva full spectrum distillate — it goes great in your favorite recipes for cookies, cupcakes, crispy rice squares, and brownies. CBD distillate complements savory and salty snack recipes, too.

But why stop there? Cannabiva distillate allows you to integrate CBD in so many unique ways. Use CBD distillates to make homemade moisturizing creams, soothing skin balms, and healing salves for minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. Add full spectrum distillate to your next soap recipe, or make your very own nourishing body spray spiked with CBD.

Cannabiva distillate is so versatile that only your imagination is the limit to what you can create!

Distillate quick start instructions

Working with full spectrum hemp distillate is so easy.

Most people who use concentrated CBD products say they are similar to working with other raw ingredients in cooking, baking, and soap-making.

Cannabiva concentrated distillate is 95% pure, so it crystalizes at room temperature (72 °F) and below. Hardened CBD distillates must be heated to 140 to 175 °F before softening and melting into a syrupy consistency like honey or molasses.

Carefully blend the heated distillate into the oily carrier of your choosing (e.g., butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, chocolate, etc.) and allow it to cool.

That’s it! Your CBD infusion is ready to enjoy.

Why choose Cannabiva full spectrum distillate?

Cannabiva CBD distillate is an easy way to spice up your wellness plan every day!

Are you already taking CBD oil tinctures or softgels? Liven it up with cookies, brownies, and other tasty snacks. Or spike your favorite creams and moisturizers with Cannabiva distillate to give them a wellness kick.

Whatever you’re creating, you can be sure you’re getting the best CBD distillate with Cannabiva:

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    True Full Spectrum CBD Distillate

    Made with hand-picked hemp selected at peak harvest and immediately flash frozen to protect the delicate balance of cannabis sativa plant medicines

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    Jam-packed with Cannabinoids

    Concentrated with 95% pure CBD and up to 5% minor cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, CBC, CBDa, and CBDV for an unrivaled entourage effect

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    Supercharged with Powerful Terpenes

    Infused with 25 cannabis plant terpenes for an unbelievably bright and powerfully uplifting flavor that's out-of-this-world delightful

  • Organically Grown in the USA

    Sourced exclusively through U.S. farmers who pledge to use organic and sustainable farming practices to produce our raw hemp plants

  • Triple Lab-Tested CBD Distillates

    Every batch is triple tested by ISO-accredited labs — once after harvest, then after the extraction process, and finally after distillation — to verify potency and purity

Cannabiva full spectrum distillate is non-GMO and free from pesticides, harsh chemicals, or heavy metals.

No artificial additives, synthetic ingredients, or preservatives are ever used in Cannabiva CBD distillate.

Try it risk-free for 90 days and see exactly what you've been missing.

We guarantee you'll love Cannabiva or your money back!

Product Name: Full Spectrum CBD Distillate

Manufacturer: Cannabiva

Quantity: 1 Gram (1,000 mg), 5 Grams (5,000 mg), 10 Grams (10,000 mg)

CBD Blend Type: Full Spectrum Hemp

Concentrate Type: Distillate

THC Content: Not a THC-free product — contains up to 0.3% THC

Regulatory Status: Legal to ship to all 50 U.S. states and Puerto Rico

Full Spectrum CBD Distillate is non-GMO and absolutely 100% free from pesticides, harmful chemicals, or heavy metals. No additives, synthetic ingredients, or preservatives are used ever.

Full Spectrum CBD Distillate is always triple tested by ISO accredited labs to independently verify its powerful purity.

Click here to view lab test results


This product contains less than 0.3% THC by volume

Frequently Asked Full Spectrum CBD Distillate Questions

New to Cannabiva full spectrum distillate? We can help you learn everything you need to know in the FAQ below!

What is full spectrum distillate?

Cannabiva full spectrum distillate is a raw CBD material you can add to anything from edible baked goods to skin balms, bath bombs, salves, vape cartridges — you name it, and if it's got an oily base, CBD distillate mixes well with it.

What’s in CBD distillate?

Cannabiva third-party lab-tested distillate is loaded with 95% pure CBD and up to 5% minor cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, CBC, CBDa, and CBDV. Tiny amounts of THC (less than 0.3%) ensure you get the full spectrum of entourage effects in every CBD distillate dose. Other compounds found in Cannabiva distillate include over 25 hemp plant terpenes, flavonoids, and polyphenols for an unbelievably bright and powerfully uplifting flavor experience.

How is it made?

Cannabiva CBD distillates are superior because the way we process our raw plant material preserves its unique phytochemical fingerprint. Phytochemicals are the natural medicines in hemp. They are the magic behind the plant power, so we protect them at all costs.

To start, we hand-harvest every organic hemp plant that goes into our CBD distillate when it is at its peak. Then we immediately flash-freeze the raw material to create a perfect snapshot of its chemical makeup. Pre-extraction preservation techniques like this protect the integrity of the medicines stored in delicate hemp leaves and flowering buds.

Our hemp stays on ice in this subzero state until it's ready for crude extraction. This is the step before the distillation process, and it yields a raw extract that is between 60 to 70% CBD. We use special purification techniques to refine our crude extraction into a perfect full spectrum distillate with 95% pure CBD and up to 5% minor cannabinoids. Then we supercharge it with over 25 cannabis sativa plant terpenes to maximize the CBD entourage effect and boost health benefits.

Is it right for me?

Cooks, bakers, and do-it-yourself cosmetics and soap makers love CBD distillate. But the truth is CBD distillates are perfect for anyone who enjoys working with raw materials and wants to create CBD products of their own. People who vape also use Cannabiva CBD distillate in their vaping devices because it's the purest form of full spectrum CBD.

How do I use CBD distillate?

CBD distillate is crystalized and rock-like at room temperature. Hardened CBD distillate must first be heated to 140-175 °F, at which point it softens and melts into a thick, syrupy consistency that mixes easily with any fatty or oily substance.

If you are vaping CBD distillate using a portable electronic vaping device or a glass apparatus called a dab rig, consult your device manual for instructions, as device capabilities vary between manufacturers.

How much can I take?

How much CBD distillate you need every day depends on your body weight. See the Cannabiva CBD Dosage Chart if you're not sure how much CBD to take.

It's important to get your CBD dose correct. But that can sometimes be challenging when dealing with things like edible goodies and snacks. Portion sizes may often vary, so you could be taking more or less than your recommended CBD dose. The good news is that CBD is a remarkably forgiving natural medicine, and it's very difficult to take too much, especially when used as directed.

How does it work?

It’s the rich combination of phytochemicals — the natural compounds found in hemp — that promote CBD health benefits. Phytochemicals act like tiny messengers in the body that help your endocannabinoid system (ECS) regulate mood and stress response, digestion, pain sensation, and immune function. According to clinical cannabis research, the more phytochemicals in your CBD distillate, the better it relieves your everyday wellness concerns. Scientists have dubbed this phenomenon the entourage effect.

Does Cannabiva have THC?

Yes, our full spectrum CBD provides up to 0.3% THC according to federal limits.

Choose our broad spectrum CBD distillate if you need a concentrated CBD product completely THC-free.

Cannabiva Broad Spectrum Distillate is 81.5% pure CBD with up to 3% minor cannabinoids like CBDV, CBC, and CBG. It has non-detectable levels of THC (0.0% dry weight).††

Our broad spectrum THC-free CBD distillate for sale offers a distinguished taste, featuring sharp and energizing notes of pepper and pine. Complementing these flavors are other terpenes with a subtle cooling sensation reminiscent of mint and eucalyptus.

You should not take any full spectrum hemp products if you are scheduled to undergo rigorous drug testing because doing so may cause you to show a false positive result for THC. Learn more about how long CBD stays in your system.

†† Broad spectrum CBD distillate may not always be a completely THC-free product. In certain instances, broad spectrum distillate may still contain minuscule amounts of THC beyond testing detection limits.

Will I get "high" from taking it?

Never! The minuscule amounts of THC in full spectrum distillate are just enough to promote benefits but cannot go to your head or make you feel high, no matter how much you take.

Everyone is unique, so you should always wait until you know how Cannabiva distillate affects you before driving a car or operating heavy machinery.

Concentrate vs distillate vs isolate

Concentrates are cannabis plant extracts purified to contain only the most desirable cannabinoids found in the plant material. Generally, they have a higher concentration of the active ingredient Cannabidiol (CBD) and may also contain other cannabinoids, such as Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabinol (CBN), Cannabichromene (CBC), and THC.

CBD distillate and isolate are the two forms of CBD concentrates you may choose from. The main difference between these two types of CBD concentrate is purity as it relates to the total amount of CBD vs other compounds, like additional cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and polyphenols.

Let's take our full spectrum distillate concentrate as an example. It is concentrated to 95% pure CBD with up to 5% minor cannabinoids. We've also supercharged Cannabiva CBD distillate with over 25 naturally occurring hemp plant terpenes. Compare it to our radically purified CBD isolate powder, an even more highly concentrated CBD.

Pristine CBD isolate powder is in its purest and most potent forms. It is a flavorless, odorless white powder with 99.7% pharmaceutical-grade purity. CBD isolate has virtually non-detectable levels of all other cannabinoids and terpenes. No polyphenols, flavonoids, or trace amounts of other compounds are present in CBD isolate.

What are the types of CBD distillate?

Full and broad spectrum distillate are the two types of CBD distillates we offer. Choose full spectrum distillate to get the entire range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other components found in hemp, including a little bit of THC (<0.3%). Or, if you need your distillate THC-free, try the broad spectrum CBD version instead. It's got many of the same beneficial plant medicines but non-detectable levels of THC (0.0%).

Are distillates different from CBD isolates?

Yes, CBD isolate is among the most potent forms of CBD you can get. The main difference between distillate vs isolate is the total concentration of CBD in relation to its other components.

Our pharmaceutical-grade CBD isolate is radically purified to remove impurities and any traces of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds found in the raw plants we use in the extraction process. Unlike distillates, which may contain fractional amounts of THC, CBD isolate has none (0.00% THC).

CBD isolate looks like a white powder and is typically 99.7% pure CBD, so it has very little odor, if any.

What is pure distillate oil?

Pure distillate oil is a CBD oil-based tincture infused with full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD distillate. Medium-chain triglyceride oil (MCT), hemp seed oil, or olive oil are the most common carriers used to make CBD distillate oils. You may substitute CBD isolate for distillate to make pure isolate CBD oil.

How do CBD distillates differ from CBD oil?

Distillate is a raw CBD material that usually requires a few extra steps to get into finished product form unless you vape it using a specialized device.

CBD oil, on the other hand, is ready to use straight out of the bottle. Note that CBD tinctures cannot be vaped because they typically contain a carrier oil meant for oral ingestion only.

Choose our full spectrum CBD oil tinctures, softgels, gummies, and honey sticks if you’d prefer an easy, ready-made way to take your CBD every day.

Can I vape my concentrated CBD distillate?

Cannabiva CBD is safe to vape using an electronic vaping device, a specialized glass dab rig, or similar vaping apparatus. Consult your device user manual before vaping full spectrum distillate for the first time.

Is this a vegan CBD product?

Yes, Cannabiva CBD distillates are suitable for vegans.

Our hemp-derived products are made from plant resins. And they are 100% cruelty-free because we never test on animals.

Is this made from marijuana plants?

No, Cannabiva distillate is not made from marijuana.

Our full spectrum distillate is made from the hemp cannabis plant, which produces abundant CBD. THC is produced in extremely tiny amounts in the variety of hemp we use, so all our products remain within the federal legal limit of 0.3% THC.

Regardless of how much you take, you cannot get "high" from Cannabiva CBD distillates because they are not psychoactive.

Is this a THC distillate?

No, Cannabiva is not a THC distillate. All our products are made using industrial hemp, which produces lots of CBD. THC is produced only in small amounts that are too tiny to cause any psychoactive effects. So, no matter how much you take, Cannabiva CBD distillate will never go to your head or make you feel “high” or “stoned.”

Will CBD distillate show up on a drug test?

Yes, full spectrum distillate may show up on a drug test because it contains tiny amounts of THC (less than 0.3%). While it isn't enough to cause any psychoactive effects, it could still be detected by the screening device if it is sensitive enough. You should avoid products with detectable THC levels if you are scheduled to undergo rigorous drug testing in the next 30 days.

CBD isolate is the only truly THC-free concentrate with 0.00% THC. CBD isolates are the least likely to cause a positive result on a drug screening, but more research is needed.

A negative test result cannot be 100% certain if you take any CBD extract due to the complex nature of drug testing. Consult with a qualified medical professional so you may conduct an appropriate risk/benefit analysis before using CBD distillate.

Where to buy CBD distillate wholesale

Looking for wholesale CBD distillate?

Visit our parent company BIVA Global CBD Wholesale if you are a healthcare professional, online retailer, or shop owner looking to buy our compliant full spectrum distillate for sale.

Buy bulk CBD distillate today and save big with BIVA!

¹ Contains up to 0.3% THC.
² Triple-tested by ISO-accredited labs to verify Cannabiva is 100% free from pesticides, harsh chemicals, or heavy metals. See third-party lab test results.
³ These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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