CBD Affiliate Program

Join the Cannabiva CBD Affiliate Program today and start earning real profits from the rapidly burgeoning hemp CBD industry!

Refer a friend, family member, social media follower, or website visitor and collect industry-leading referral commissions on every sale through Cannabiva.com for the lifetime of that customer.

Why settle for other CBD affiliate programs when you can partner with the best and earn the most in commissions?

CBD Affiliate Program Quick Stats

The people you refer to us will love Cannabiva CBD, and you will love the high conversion rates and generous sales commissions they earn for you.

Loyal Cannabiva customers choose us and stay with us because we have an array of high-quality cannabis products to fulfill their unique wellness needs.

People love Cannabiva CBD oils, softgel capsules, hemp extracts, and concentrates so much that one in four orders is from a repeat customer!

That means you'll continue to earn affiliate program referral commissions for years to come any time one of your referred visitors makes a purchase.

Conversion Rate
Return Customers
Average Order
Affiliate Commission

We've got the numbers to prove we are a solid CBD affiliate partner, and those numbers speak for themselves when it comes to the earnings potential versus other CBD affiliate programs.

About Our CBD Affiliate Program

Industry Leading Commissions

Let's be partners. Refer visitors to our website with your unique affiliate program referral link, registered direct link, or personalized coupon code and earn a generous 30% referral commission for each sale.

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Lifetime Affiliate Commissions

Every customer you refer is yours for their lifetime, so you'll be earning commissions forever! Your referrals are permanently synced with your affiliate account and we're always tracking for new sales as they come in.

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Monthly Recurring Commissions

We even track subscription sales when a customer you referred enrolls in our recurring CBD Wellness Plan. That means you'll earn a 30% referral commission any time we fulfill their monthly order.

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Broad Product Line

There is unlimited potential when you have a product line as broad as ours! Offer your referral customers an array of products that include CBD oil tinctures, softgels, concentrates, topicals, edibles and more.

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High Ticket Items

You'll be excited to learn that our high-ticket items are also our best sellers. The income potential is virtually limitless with per-unit price points that range up to $400 and package options that run as much as $1700.

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Free Sample Packs

We entice our potential customers with FREE CBD sample promotions to maximize conversions to real sales. You'll earn commissions on those future customer sales if you refer them to us, too!

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Get Paid Twice Per Month

We understand your earned commissions are a vital part of your revenue needs. That's why we make sure your commissions are paid out in full every two weeks when you're a Cannabiva Affiliate Program Member!

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Multiple Payout Methods

We make it simple and convenient to get paid, so whether you prefer PayPal, Zelle, wire transfer, or paper check, we've got you covered. Just let us know how you need to get paid and we'll handle the rest.

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45 Day Tracking Cookie

Customers take time to do their research before purchasing CBD. We track your referrals using a 45-day tracking cookie to make sure you never miss out on a sale, even when customers need time to decide.

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CBD Affiliate Program Details

What is a CBD affiliate program?

CBD affiliate programs allow website owners, social media influencers, and video publishers the opportunity to partner with our company to offer a variety of hemp-based products to their site visitors, followers, viewers, and friends. 

When you partner with Cannabiva you'll access a rich suite of features to help you promote our brand of CBD oils, softgel capsules, concentrates and powders online or off. 

Once approved, you'll receive a unique referral link and other digital affiliate tools that you can utilize to link users of your digital media properties to our online store. 

These links are tracked by a trusted third-party affiliate program application and ensure that visitors you send are logged under your affiliate ID.

When a customer makes a purchase, your CBD affiliate program account will be credited with the sale and you'll earn a referral commission.

What is the referral commission rate?

Partners earn a 30% commission on referred sales for all orders linked to their CBD affiliate program account.

Will I earn commissions on future sales?

About one in four purchases in our online store come from existing customers.

The Cannabiva CBD Affiliate program offers a “Lifetime Commission” feature. This means that following their first-time purchase, the customer is permanently logged under your affiliate ID.

You will earn a commission of 30% on all first-time and future orders for your referred visitor.

Will I earn commissions on recurring subscriptions?


While other CBD affiliate programs offer a one-time purchase referral commission and call it a day, at Cannabiva we consider our affiliates to be our long-term partners, so we do things a little bit differently.

The Cannabiva online store offers subscription options for automatic monthly deliveries of our CBD and hemp products.

You will earn a 30% referral commission on all recurring subscriptions from customers linked with your affiliate program account.

Will I earn commissions on free sample pack referrals?

Cannabiva offers free CBD samples to first-time visitors so that they can experience the benefits of our products without having to purchase a bottle or package.

These samples are a great way to get people interested in CBD products without having to purchase anything.

Sample packs are offered for free ($0.00), including free shipping and handling.

Customers of free CBD sample packs are not required to provide any payment information at checkout.

Once a sample pack is ordered, the customer’s account is permanently linked with your affiliate ID.

Because the cost of a sample pack at checkout is $0.00, affiliate program partners will not earn a referral commission on these items.

We follow-up with free sample pack customers on a regular basis via email and push notifications. When they purchase a product from our online store you will earn a 30% commission on their first-time, future and recurring purchases.

How much do your products cost and how much can I expect to earn?

Cannabiva offers a broad family of products that include CBD, CBG, and CBN in the form of oils, softgel pills, concentrates and powders.

These products are priced from $35 to $400.

Some products can be purchased in multi-unit packages with price points exceeding $1000.00 per order.

Your 30% referral commission is applied to every product and price point.

So, if a customer places an order worth a total of $100.00, you’ll earn $30.

If a customer places an order worth a total of $1000.00, you’ll earn a referral commission of $300.00.

What are the best selling products for affiliates?

All of the products in our store have been created with the customer in mind.

Since everybody is different, everybody has a unique preference for the types of cannabinoid products they want to use and the form in which they want to use them.

Offering targeted advertising, content or video messages for specific products based on a specific subset of customer needs will yield the best affiliate program results.


Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Full spectrum CBD oil blends are the most widely used and clinically tested hemp extracts products. They contain a variety of synergistic compounds like cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. These blends include Cannabidiol (CBD), as well as other hemp extracts like CBN, CBG, and federally compliant levels of THC (less than 0.3%).

This synergistic blend of hemp compounds and phyto-nutrients is believed to be responsible for what researchers investigating the benefits of CBD refer to as the entourage effect. 

CBD Softgel Capsules

Some users prefer easy dosing without the oily mess. Cannabiva CBD softgels make taking CBD a breeze with a single dose of 25 mg of CBD per softgel.

Cannabiva softgels are available in Full Spectrum softgel and Broad Spectrum softgel CBD oil blends.

Softgels can be purchased in quantities ranging from 30 pills (750MG Softgel bottle) all the way up to 480 pills (12,000MG Softgel bottle).

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Similar to full spectrum blends, broad spectrum CBD oil products contain a variety of cannabinoids with one key exception – they are THC-free (0.0%).

Broad spectrum blends are a popular choice for individuals seeking entourage effect benefits without the presence of the psychoactive compound THJC.

Pure Isolate Oil

Pure isolate hemp extracts are unique because they contain only a single cannabinoid such as Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabinol (CBN) or Cannabigerol (CBG). There is no THC found in pure isolate products.

Pure isolate CBD oil is formulated with 99% pure isolate extract of Cannabidiol. These products are a popular option for users who are sensitive to other cannabinoids or want to avoid taking any products with even small levels of THC.

Pure isolate CBN oil, or cannabinol oil, has grown in popularity and is available in doses as low as 3 mg of CBN per milliliter and as high as the maximum strength dose of 83 mg of CBN per milliliter. It can be taken as a stand alone natural medicine or added to a daily wellness plan that includes full spectrum, broad spectrum or pure isolate CBD oil.  

Like CBN oil, pure isolate CBG oil is a popular add-on for regular CBD oil users. This cannabinoid can also be taken as a stand-alone natural medicine on a daily basis.

Concentrates and Powders

Our concentrated distillates and isolate powders are a popular choice for users infusing their favorite drinks, foods or topical products with cannabinoids. Concentrates like our full spectrum CBD distillate and pure isolate CBD powder allow users of hemp extract products to craft their own dosage levels using their favorite delivery methods (tea, coffee, edibles, balms, salves, etc.)


Among the various types of CBD offered in our online stores, CBD affiliate program partners can link directly to specific product offerings.

Popular Products For First Time Users

A large number of visitors to Cannabiva have never tried CBD oil or other hemp-based extracts before. 

These users often choose products within a recommended starting dosage range in mind. Cannabiva recommends a daily dosage of 25 mg to 50 mg of CBD for first time users. 

We recommend CBD affiliate program partners refer visitors to the following first-time user products:

Popular Products At High Price Points

Cannabiva CBD oil and Zero High Pure Isolate CBD Oil products are among the strongest concentration of cannabidiol, cannabinol and cannabigerol available. 

Some customers prefer to take high doses of CBD daily. The following are our most popular selling high potency products with the highest price points:

  • 12,000MG Maximum Strength Full Spectrum CBD Oil
    This is the strongest concentration of CBD in a single dose that you can find anywhere. In fact, there's more cannabidiol in a single dose of 12,000MG Full Spectrum CBD Oil than you'll find in an entire bottle of most retail CBD brands. With 400 milligrams of CBD per milliliter, this product is a perfect option for users who require a high potency dose on a daily basis. 
    Price: Starts at $400.00
  • 6,000MG Hyper Strength Full Spectrum CBD Oil
    Containing 200 mg of cannabidiol (CBD) per 1 mL dose, this formula works well for first time users, regular users, and high dose users. Cannabiva CBD oils include a graduated dropper for easy dosing measurements of 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 and 1.0 milliliters. Users can take as little or as much as they choose. 
    Price: Starts at $220.00
  • 10,000MG Zero High Pure Isolate CBD Oil
    For users who prefer a CBD blend with no THC and cannabidiol only, the 10,000MG formula is the answer. At 333 mg of cannabidiol per milliliter dose, this is the strongest pure isolate CBD oil on the market.
    Price: Starts at $360.00
  • 12,000MG Full Spectrum CBD Softgels (480 count)
    For high dose users and people who are sharing their CBD with others, 12,000MG offers a low cost solution for those who prefer mess-free softgel capsules.
    One bottle contains 480 x 25 mg CBD softgel capsules
    Price: Starts at $550.00
  • 2,500MG Pure Isolate CBN Oil (Cannabinol)
    Some users like to boost their intake of cannabinoids in addition to CBD. Maximum strength 2,500MG CBN Oil is the most concentrated pure isolate cannabinol on the market and highly popular among CBN users.
    Price: Starts at $225.00

What referral and tracking methods are available?

As a CBD affiliate program partner you have a variety of ways to refer visitors to the Cannabiva.com online store.

Referral Link

This is the traditional way to link to CBD affiliate programs. When you create your account you’ll be issued a unique affiliate ID number. Include this number at the end of any URL to our website and when a visitor clicks the link from your website, blog or other property, their visit will be logged under your affiliate account. When your referred customer finalizes their purchase, the sale and referral commission will be applied to your account.

If your unique affiliate ID number is 1001, then a referral link to our website may look something like this:


Custom Slugs

You can personalize your referral link with a custom slug instead of an affiliate ID.

This feature allows you to set names such as “CBDAFFILLIATE” or “CBDBLOGGER” in lieu of your affiliate ID when referring users.

You can use your custom slug to link your visitors to our website in the following manner:


Unique Coupon Code

Upon signup to our affiliate program you’ll be issued a coupon code unique to your CBD affiliate program account.

This coupon code allows a user to be linked with your account without the need for a URL click.

When used in the shopping cart the customer will receive an instant 25% discount on their purchase and their account will be permanently linked with your affiliate program account upon completion of their first order.

Vanity Coupon Code

Request a vanity coupon code that matches your name, website or anything else. 

Your vanity coupon code works the same as any other coupon. Once a user applies it in their shopping cart they will receive an instant 25% discount and their account will be permanently logged under your affiliate program account. 

Direct Links

The Cannabiva CBD affiliate program allows you to track and log visitors and customers without the need to use your unique affiliate URL and ID.

Simply link to our website from a post, banner or any text and our system will identify where it came from and log it automatically.

Custom landing pages (for top affiliates)

Affiliates who exceed $2500 in monthly earnings can request a unique landing page right on our website at Cannabiva.com. Any visitors sent to this page will be automatically logged under your affiliate program account. No referral link or coupon code is necessary to track their visit to a custom landing page.

Please contact your affiliate manager for details about this option.

How long are referred visitors tracked?

Referred customers will be logged under your affiliate program account permanently after they’ve completed their first purchase. You’ll enjoy lifetime commissions from all future sales that they complete.

When a visitor arrives at our website via a referral from a traditional referral link, slug or direct link their visit is tracked under your affiliate account for 45 days. If they complete a purchase anytime within the 45 day window their sale and account will be permanently logged under your affiliate account.

How often will my commission payments be sent?

CBD affiliate programs usually make payments to their affiliates once per month.

At Cannabiva, we understand that your websites, social media pages and video platforms are a business. And your business needs regular revenue to function.

That's why the Cannabiva CBD affiliate program sends payments to our partners twice per month.

Your referral cycle ends on the 15th and last day (30th/31st) of every month. Payments are sent to our affiliates within 48 business hours following these closing dates.

What payment methods are available?

Affiliates can receive payments via the following preferred payout methods:

  • Paypal (Free)
  • Zelle (Free)
  • Paper check*
  • Bank Wire Transfer*
  • Cryptocurrency* (USDC or USDT via Ethereum or Solana)

*Paper check by mail, bank wire transfers and cryptocurrency payments may require additional information and/or processing fees. Please contact your affiliate manager to complete setup for these payment methods.

What software do you use for the CBD affiliate program?

The Cannabiva CBD affiliate program licenses AffiliateWP for our affiliate program needs.

AffiliateWP is a leading provider of affiliate programs that are used by over 30,000 business customers.

AffiliateWP® is a registered trademark of Awesome Motive Inc., a company that provides secure software services for over 17 million websites.

How long does it take to be approved for the CBD affiliate program?

Your affiliate program manager will review your registration form within 24 hours. Account approval usually takes less than a day.

How do I join the CBD affiliate program?

Getting started with our CBD affiliate program is easy and only takes a minute or two.

Visit the affiliate registration page  and complete the form.

We'll review your registration within one business day and send you an email once your account has been activated.

We look forward to you joining one of the best CBD affiliate programs anywhere!

Ready to get started?
Join the Cannabiva CBD Affiliate Program

Ready to get started?

Join the Cannabiva CBD Affiliate Program

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