How do lifetime commissions and recurring referrals work?

Affiliate Program - Lifetime Commissions and Recurring Referrals

If you operate a website, post on social media, stream videos, or record audio podcasts, you can refer your readers and viewers to the Cannabiva online store using various referral methods, including hyperlinks appended with your unique referral code, coupon codes and direct domain links.

When a referred visitor reaches our website using an approved referral method, their visit is logged by our system. If the user completes a purchase, their sale is tracked as a conversion under your affiliate account. You will subsequently be issued a commission for the sale.

Most referral programs offer a one-time commission to their affiliates. Once a visitor completes a purchase and the affiliate is paid a commission for their first sale, they no longer receive future benefits should their referred visitor return to make another purchase in the future.

At Cannabiva, we value our affiliates and understand that creating a trusting audience takes a lot of time, energy, and effort.

We believe that our success depends on your success, and we consider our affiliates to be our partners.

This is why we’ve taken the Cannabiva CBD affiliate program further than most.

As a Cannabiva affiliate partner, you’ll make a generous referral commission on the first purchase your visitor completes, but we don’t stop there.

You’ll also earn passive income on future purchases in several ways.

Here’s how it works.

Lifetime Referral Commissions

Our program offers lifetime commissions paid at the same rate as the customer’s first purchase.

So, the commission rate you are earning on the first sale will remain intact on every subsequent purchase your referred customer makes.

From a technical perspective, here is how our lifetime referral system works:

  1. You refer a visitor to any page at the Cannabiva website using one of the approved referral methods available in your Affiliate Dashboard.
  2. Our affiliate program logs this visit under your affiliate account and issues a tracking cookie to the visitor’s browser.
  3. The tracking cookie ensures that if your referred visitor purchases at any time within 45 days of referring them to our website, you will still be rewarded with a referral.
  4. When the visitor makes their first purchase, you are paid a percentage of the sale commensurate with the commission rate shown on your dashboard’s Statistics Page.
  5. Your new customer will now have a user account within our e-commerce platform that is created using their email address.
  6. This email address will be permanently linked to- your affiliate account.
  7. When the customer returns to our website to make a purchase, they will need to log in to their customer account.
  8. Once they complete their next purchase, it will again be logged under your affiliate account as a converted sale, and you’ll be issued a referral commission.
  9. Cannabiva offers the same referral commission rate on all sales, including the customer’s first purchase and all subsequent purchases.
  10. You’ll receive an email alert every time a new purchase is completed by a customer linked to your account

In short, refer a visitor to Cannabiva once, and you’ll create passive income on every purchase they make – forever!

*Note: Cannabiva does not provide access to any private data from customers linked with your affiliate account for privacy reasons. This confidential information includes a customer’s email address, name, address, and other personal information. You will, however, be able to see a customer’s order number and product(s) purchased. 

Recurring Referral Commissions On Subscription Products

Subscription products allow customers to sign up to receive items on a monthly recurring basis. Cannabiva offers subscriptions on most products, including:

Subscriptions ensure that those who take CBD never run out of their product of choice. Prices for subscription products are 10% to 20% lower than one-time shipment items, making it cheaper for customers who use Cannabiva products regularly.

Recurring products are an excellent way for affiliate partners to create passive income.

Your affiliate account will be credited with a referral commission when a customer takes advantage of a subscription discount and signs up to receive automatic monthly shipments. Following the initial signup process, your affiliate account will be permanently linked with the customer’s account to earn lifetime referral commissions on all subsequent automatic recurring billing cycles.

Your referral commission rate for recurring subscription products will match the commission rate you receive on the initial signup.

You’ll receive an email informing you every time an automatic recurring commission is awarded.

Affiliate Support

Do you have more questions about lifetime commissions or recurring subscription referrals?

Visit the Cannabiva contact page to reach your affiliate program account manager for assistance.

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