Five Ways To Track Visits and Referrals With The Cannabiva CBD Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program - Five Ways To Track Referrals and Visits

The Cannabiva CBD Affiliate Program is versatile and designed to provide a number of ways to link your readers, social media followers, and video viewers to products offered at in a way that can be accurately logged so that you benefit monetarily from your referred visitors.

Each of the methods described below offers a unique approach to referring your visitors suited to your specific promotional needs.

Referral Code

The traditional affiliate method for linking website visitors to an affiliate page is through the use of an affiliate referral code.

Your affiliate account is assigned a unique referral code when its created. You can append this code to the end of any URL pointed to our website to track your visitor.

This type of code can be used to link to use from content, images, sidebars, and footers on your website. It can also be used when posting on your social media pages or in the descriptions of your videos on streaming platforms like Youtube, Twitch, Tik Tok, Instagram, or Rumble.

To use your unique referral code you’ll first need to login to your affiliate account dashboard. Visit the Affiliate URLs area to find your custom URL. You’ll see a URL like this:

Affiliate Program - Referral Code

You can copy this link and use it across your website, social media profiles, or anywhere you can post a hyperlink.

Notice the “?ref=1” at the end of the URL. In this example, the number “1” is the unique affiliate code for the account.

You can append ?ref=1 to the end of any URL pointing to our website.

Here is an example of how you can link to Cannabiva’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil page using this method:

Using ?ref=YOURUNIQUECODE at the end of any URL link will allow you to track every visitor click and you’ll receive a referral commission when that visitor purchases an item.

You can use your unique referral code on any link, anywhere. That means you can paste the link into posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube descriptions or anywhere else to track your referred visitors.

You’ll can view visitor clicks and referral conversions within your Affiliate Dashboard.

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Direct Link Via Website

While referral codes work great and provide an easy way to link to our website and products from pretty much any type of post anywhere on the internet, if you forget to append “?ref=YOURUNIQUECODE” at the end of a URL link, then our affiliate system will not be able to identify where your visitor came from.

To solve this dilemma, we’ve introduced Direct Link Tracking, available in your Affiliate Dashboard.

This method of link to our website takes the guesswork out of tracking, because it will automatically track visitors originating from your website domain name.

To active Direct Link Tracking, and and save your domain name. Once approved by your affiliate manager, you can take a hands-off approach to your affiliate program. Link to any page on our website and your referred visitor will be tracked from the moment they reach us to the time they purchase.

Please note, some website Content Management Systems (CMS) may automatically attach attributes within the HTML of  URLs for security purposes. These URL attributes could interfere with tracking.

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Coupon Code

Customers love coupon codes and discounts.

When you create your affiliate account, our system automatically generates a unique coupon code that you can share with potential visitors.

Coupon codes can be sent out to your readers via email broadcasts, posted on your social media channels, or shared with video viewers and podcast listeners.

When someone uses your unique coupon code in their shopping cart, they’ll receive an instant discount on their order, and your affiliate account will be credited with the referral and issued a commission.

Your unique coupon code is created by using your affiliate username and will be issued to you upon account activation. To view your unique coupon code and the discount that will be applied visit the Coupons section of your Affiliate Dashboard.

Need a different coupon code for a special promotion? Contact your affiliate manager to set one up.

Custom Slugs

Custom slugs are a unique way to use your referral URL to link visitors to our website and products.

Rather than using the unique ID Code issued to your affiliate account during the activation process, you can replace your affiliate code number with anything, including words or a series of letters or numbers.

For example, instead of using to link anchor text or a banner to our website, you may want to use the word “cbdinfo”.

To set up your custom slug, visit your affiliate account Settings Page as shown in the screenshot below. Then, enter your preferred slug and click “Save custom slug.”

Affiliate Program - Slug Setup

Once you’ve created your slug, you can view it in the Affiliate URLs area of your dashboard:

Affiliate Program - Slug View

You can now create a unique referral link to any page of our website using either your referral code or your custom slug.

Here is an example of how you can link to Cannabiva’s homepage using this method:

Here is an example of how you can link to the Broad Spectrum CBD Oil page (or any other page on our website) using this method:

Visitors who arrive at our website by clicking a link tagged with your unique slug will be counted under your affiliate account.

Custom Landing Page

Affiliates who reach a yearly total sales threshold of $2,500 or more are eligible to receive their own unique landing page at the Cannabiva website.

Your unique landing page will have its own unique URL that can be shared with readers, viewers, or listeners. When a visitor reaches our website via your unique URL our affiliate system will automatically log them under your account.

For example, if your name is Bob and you want to have a unique URL with your name in it, you can request a unique landing page linked to your account that looks something like this:

Your unique landing page can be a replica of any page on our website, or you can work with one of our designers to create a custom layout specific to your needs.

Contact us if you’d like to create your own landing page linked with your account.

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