Direct Links Affiliate Feature: Activation, Usage, and Troubleshooting

Affiliate Program - Direct Links

The Direct Links Tracking feature allows for easy referral of visitors to the Cannabiva CBD affiliate program and products without the need for a unique affiliate referral code.

With this feature, you’ll be able to link directly to any page on our website and your referred visitor’s activity will be tracked through your Affiliate Dashboard.

You can add up to five domains to your account if you operate multiple websites.

Once your domains have been approved and activated, any click of a link from your website(s) to ours will log the visit and any resulting sales.

Activate Direct Linking

You can activate Direct Linking for any website you operate.

To activate your website for direct linking, visit the Direct Links Area of your Affiliate Dashboard.

Enter your “Direct Link Domain” in the field provided and click the “Save direct links” button.

Affiliate Program - Direct Link Activation

Your domain will be sent to your affiliate manager for review and approval.

Affiliate Program - Direct Link - Pending Approval

You will not be able to track visitors with direct linking until your domain has been approved.

You will receive an email once your link is approved, and the Direct Links area of your Affiliate Dashboard will display the approved domain as shown in the screenshot below:

Affiliate Program - Direct Link - Approved

You can add up to five domains for direct linking to your affiliate account.

How To Setup and Use Direct Links

Once approved, using direct linking to track visitors originating from your website to the Cannabiva Website is easy.

Link to any page at, and your visitors will be visible on the Statistics page of your Affiliate Dashboard.

To ensure proper tracking, use https:// at the beginning of your link. Here are some examples of direct linking:

To link to the Cannabiva Homepage, you would use the following URL:

To link to a specific product page like CBD Honey Sticks, you would use the following URL:

With direct linking, you can also link to informational pages like the CBD Dosage Chart by linking directly to:

You do not need to append your unique affiliate referral code when using the Direct Links feature, as the affiliate program software will automatically be sent metadata related to your website every time a visitor clicks a link on your domain. This metadata will be used to log their visit under your account. Once a visitor completes a purchase, their account will be permanently linked to your affiliate account, and you’ll benefit from lifetime referral commissions on all sales logged for the customer.

Troubleshooting Direct Linking

While the feature is easy to use and offers simple implementation, its use is dependent on metadata being passed from your website to ours. This data includes information such as your referring domain name. The sharing of this data is automatic and part of the internet’s infrastructure in most cases. However, there may be exceptions due to security features introduced by some software providers.

If you have activated the Direct Link Feature and cannot see visits being tracked and logged in your Affiliate Dashboard, follow the steps below to ensure everything is set up correctly.

How To Check If A Visitor Is Being Tracked

The Cannabiva affiliate program tracks visitors in real time.

To check if your Direct Link domain is tracking visitors properly, open a new browser window on your desktop or mobile device. Ensure you are not logged in to your affiliate account to ensure proper tracking.

Click the hyperlink.

Visit the Statistics Page in your Affiliate Dashboard to verify that the visit has been logged.

Confirm That Your Direct Link Has Been Approved

Direct Link tracking requires that your affiliate manager approve your domain.

  1. Visit the Direct Link Area of your Affiliate Dashboard.
  2. If your Direct Link domain has not yet been approved, you’ll see a message that says, “Your domain has been submitted for approval.”
  3. Approval typically takes one to two business days. Please be patient while your affiliate manager reviews the domain.
  4. Once approved, this message will disappear, and you’ll see a list of your approved domains.

Verify That Links From Your Website Are Not Blocking Important Data From Being Shared

Some Content Management Systems (CMS), including the popular WordPress platform, have recently implemented a default security feature that restricts domain and other metadata information from being passed to other websites via a clicked URL link.

This restriction will prevent our Affiliate tracking system from “seeing” where the click came from, so it will be unable to identify that your domain was the one that referred the visitor. (It also restricts data from being passed to your analytics and other programs)

To check if your website may be using this URL security feature, follow these steps:

  1. Open the page where your link is located on your website
  2. You’ll need to view the source code of the link.
  3. To do this, you can either Right-Click > View Source in most browsers or hover over the hyperlink or banner and Right-Click > Inspect Element (Recommended method)
  4. This will open a new window where you can inspect the source code of your page or link.
  5. When linking to Cannabiva, you should see something like this in the HTML Code: <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Cannabiva Website</a>
  6. Sometimes, within the opening “<a>” tag, your website CMS may insert a URL security attribute that looks like this: <a href=”” rel=”noreferrer” target=”_blank”>Cannabiva Website</a>
  7. If you see rel=”noreferrer” inside of your <a> tag, you’ve found the culprit.

The following is an example of a hyperlink with the rel=”noreferrer” attribute. To view the code for a hyperlink in this manner, you’ll need to hover over the hyperlink text or hyperlinked image and Right Click > Inspect Element in your browser window:

Affiliate Program - Direct Link - Noreferrer

When noreferrer is found in your anchored link, it will restrict any identifying information from being passed from your website to ours. To fix this, you’ll need to remove the noreferrer attribute when linking to the affiliate program.

The following is an example of the proper way to link to and shows a hyperlink with the noreferrer attribute removed:

Affiliate Program - Direct Link - Correct Linking

*Note: The noreferrer attribute will not affect the tracking of visitors to our website if you use your unique referral code at the end of links. It will only restrict sharing information when using the Direct Link tracking feature.

WordPress users can remove the default noreferrer attribute on their links by following this guide.

Check Browser Restrictions

Some browsers, like Safari on iOS, have implemented restrictions on how metadata is passed from one website to another when a hyperlink is clicked.

In most cases, browsers will resolve these issues almost instantly, but specific circumstances may potentially cause problems.

One example is when the originating website does not have an SSL certificate installed and is using http:// to be accessed while referring visitors to an https:// destination.

If you have verified that your hyperlink is not using the noreferrer attribute as described above, consider adding the following meta tag inside the <head></head> tags of your website:

<“meta name=”referrer” content=”always”>

In most cases, this will resolve browser restriction issues.

Affiliate Troubleshooting Support

Are you still having trouble with Direct Linking after checking the above troubleshooting steps?

Visit the Cannabiva contact page to reach your affiliate program account manager for assistance.

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