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Try Free CBD Samples

Feel the Power of CBD with our 7-Day FREE Sample Box

Jumpstart your journey to better health with Cannabiva brand 7-day free CBD sample boxes.¹

Complete the claim form below to get one week's worth of free CBD oil samples — a $25 value. That gives you plenty of time to feel Cannabiva work its magic and decide if it's right for you.²

You've got to act now, or you might miss out on this amazing CBD offer. Free samples are available for a limited time while supplies last.

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Which Free CBD Sample Do You Want to Try?

Discover what you've been missing with your choice of full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD oils formulated into a rapid-release liquid softgel. Full spectrum CBD oil has a minuscule amount of THC (0.3%), while the broad spectrum variety has none (0.0%).

Both types are made using only the highest quality CBD hemp extract derived from organic, whole-plant cannabis grown in the USA.

Free CBD Samples | 7-day CBD Oil SoftGel Capsule Sample Pack

Claim your free Cannabiva CBD samples and prepare to immerse yourself in a week-long cannabis experience with zero obligations. This is a one-time shipping offer. Free CBD samples arrive in less than a week, and you never need to worry about being automatically billed for an order you didn't make. We'll only charge you if you re-order on your own.

Claim Your Free CBD Samples

We respect your privacy and protect your personal data.

¹ Just pay shipping and handling of $4.95 to get your free promotional sample shipping purchase price. Valid for first-time US customers only. Limit one free sample per customer household. Limited time opportunity good while supplies last.

² These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. Cannabiva free CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Feel Better Fast w/ FREE True Full Spectrum CBD

Cannabiva is a true full spectrum CBD because it's made using a whole-plant hemp extract that's totally loaded with cannabinoids and terpenes. These powerful natural medicines work best together and must be preserved during hemp flower harvest and manufacturing.

Our high-quality CBD is always rich in minor cannabinoids, including Cannabinol (CBN), Cannabigerol (CBG), and Cannabichromene (CBC). You'll also get over 25 unique, essential oil terpenes in every dose. Combined, these phytochemicals amplify and enhance Cannabiva benefits, making it much more effective vs CBD brands from other companies.

We want you to experience the unrivaled entourage effect benefits of Cannabiva for yourself — that's why we're giving it away risk-free and at no cost today. But you've got to act before supplies run out and this offer is gone.

Claim your free CBD oil samples now!

What Do I Get from This Special Offer?

Cannabiva free CBD samples include seven individually wrapped packages with two 25 mg potency softgels in each — that's 14 softgels in all and a total of 350 mg of pure CBD to enjoy!

Start by taking 25 mg to 50 mg daily. Adjust how much you take based on your body weight. We can help if you’re not sure how much CBD you should take .

Ready to claim your free sample of the highest quality CBD products you can get? Use the claim form to enter your shipping details and get over $25 worth of Cannabiva CBD brand softgels shipped to your door.

Are Cannabiva CBD Samples Really Free?

Yes, we are giving away absolutely FREE CBD through this exclusive promotion!

But you've got to act fast because you might miss out on this fantastic CBD offer. Free samples from Cannabiva brands are only available while supplies last, so make sure to claim free sample today.

FAQ - Know More about Cannabiva CBD Samples

We understand you may have questions about our free CBD oil sample pack. Find answers to common queries here!

It's so easy to claim your free Cannabiva sample offer today! Use the form above to enter your name, email address, and shipping details. Verify the information you entered is correct, and click the "Claim Free CBD Now" button to finish.

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