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Buy Cannabiva™ Full Spectrum CBD Distillate, THC-FREE Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate, and pharmaceutical-grade Zero High® Isolate Powder in 1000 mg up to 10,000 mg raw concentrate formulas.

Distillates from Cannabiva are scientifically formulated using whole plant cannabis extracts. Cannabiva provides the most vital phytocannabinoids to give you unrivaled entourage benefits that only CBD concentrates from Cannabiva can. Isolates from Zero High are engineered for pharmaceutical grade purity. Zero High Isolates available in CBD, CBG, and CBN.

Cannabiva distillate and Zero High isolate powders are always 100% free from pesticides, harsh chemicals, and heavy metals. No additives, synthetic ingredients, or artificial preservatives are used ever. All concentrates and isolates are triple tested by ISO-accredited labs to independently verify product purity.

Find exactly what you’ve been missing with our raw concentrates and isolates! Shop our complete line of Full Spectrum CBD Distillates, THC-FREE Broad Spectrum CBD Distillates, and pharmaceutical-grade Zero High Isolates below.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers About Concentrates

New to Cannabiva Concentrates and Zero High Isolates? We have answers to your most frequently asked questions. Everything you need to know about concentrates is down below!

Concentrates provide the purest form of cannabis extract that can be achieved.

There are two types of concentrate available in our cannabis product line: Cannabiva Distillate and Zero High Isolate.

Cannabiva CBD Distillate is concentrated between 81.5% to 88.5% of the active ingredient Cannabidiol (CBD). Distillates from Cannabiva are loaded with other essential cannabinoids and terpenes for unrivaled entourage benefits.

Zero High Isolate products are a radically purified form of cannabis concentrate. They contain only a single cannabinoid and no THC whatsoever (0.00%). All Zero High Isolates are concentrated between 98.5% to 99.97% of the active ingredient CBD, CBG, or CBN.

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