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CBG Dosage Chart: How Much CBG Oil Should I Take?

CBG Dosage Chart: How Much CBG Oil Should I Take?

CBG is a naturally occurring cannabinoid compound found in hemp. It is also known as cannabigerol and is usually present in cannabis hemp plants in very low concentrations.

Because of its powerful benefits and concentration rarity, it is often referred to as the "Rolls Royce" of cannabinoids.

This guide explores recommended CBG dosage amounts and provides weight-based calculations, dosage factors, product recommendations, side effects, combination therapy, and safety information.

Table of Contents

    CBG dosing chart

    First things first: Start with a low CBG dose and work your way up slowly if you’ve never taken it before. CBG is a non-toxic hemp plant medicine, so don’t be afraid to explore small dosage increases once you know how it affects you.

    How much CBG you’ll take depends on a variety of factors that include body weight, your individual response, and the method you use to take CBG (e.g., oral ingestion, sublingual, topical, CBG vapes). The dosage chart below focuses on the first factor, as it is the simplest approach to getting started. We’ll review the other two later in this guide.

    Once you’ve determined your optimal dose, the next step will be to find a CBG oil product potency that matches your preferred dosage.

    The following CBG dosing chart is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to substitute medical advice from a qualified healthcare professional. Your individual needs may differ from what is recommended, and you should adjust how much CBG you take accordingly. Only you know how much CBG is helping you to feel better.

    CBG Dosage Chart: Choose Cannabigerol Dose By Weight

    Weight Mild
    Strength Dose
    100 lbs
    (45 kg)
    3 mg 8 mg 30 mg Mild: 100MG Pure CBG Oil Isolate
    Average: 250MG Pure CBG Oil Isolate
    Maximum: 1000MG Pure CBG Oil Isolate
    125 lbs
    (57 kg)
    4 mg 10 mg 38 mg Mild: 100MG Pure CBG Oil Isolate
    Average: 250MG Pure CBG Oil Isolate
    Maximum: 1000MG Pure CBG Oil Isolate
    150 lbs
    (68 kg)
    5 mg 12 mg 45 mg Mild: 250MG Pure CBG Oil Isolate
    Average: 500MG Pure CBG Oil Isolate
    Maximum: 1000MG Pure CBG Oil Isolate
    175 lbs
    (79 kg)
    5 mg 14 mg 53 mg Mild: 250MG Pure CBG Oil Isolate
    Average: 500MG Pure CBG Oil Isolate
    Maximum: 2500MG Pure CBG Oil Isolate
    200 lbs
    (91 kg)
    6 mg 16 mg 60 mg Mild: 250MG Pure CBG Oil Isolate
    Average: 500MG Pure CBG Oil Isolate
    Maximum: 2500MG Pure CBG Oil Isolate
    250 lbs
    (113 kg)
    8 mg 20 mg 75 mg Mild: 250MG Pure CBG Oil Isolate
    Average: 500MG Pure CBG Oil Isolate
    Maximum: 2500MG Pure CBG Oil Isolate
    300+ lbs
    (136 kg)
    9 mg 24 mg 90 mg Mild: 250MG Pure CBG Oil Isolate
    Average: 1000MG Pure CBG Oil Isolate
    Maximum: 2500MG Pure CBG Oil Isolate

    I’m a first-time user: How do I start taking CBG?

    Welcome to the wonderful world of hemp CBG products! We’re so glad you joined us and look forward to helping you find the best CBG solution for your everyday wellness concerns.

    This CBG dosage guide has been created just for you. We’ll answer some of the most important CBG product questions, including how much you should take, how to calculate the optimal CBG dosage according to your body weight, how to find the ideal CBG product potency, and lastly, how to refine your usage for the best results from consuming CBG

    How much CBG should I take?

    Beginning CBG doesn’t have to be overwhelming or confusing.

    Doctors suggest following a process called titration when starting any new medicine for the first time. Titration gives you the ability to test varying dosage strengths and gradually modify them until you find what works best.

    First-time users of CBG should start with 3 mg to 8 mg daily for at least the first one to five days. This first-time user dosage range is recommended for all users, independent of your body weight. During this period, you’ll be able to determine whether you are sensitive to the CBG cannabinoid and identify any pronounced effects.

    Once you’ve established a tolerance baseline you can begin increasing your daily intake over the next several days until you’ve reached the target dosage calculated in the CBG Dosing Chart above.

    How to calculate CBG dose by weight (pounds or kilograms)

    The CBG dosage chart provides a range of body weight and dosage amounts, but we can further pinpoint dosage by knowing your exact weight and preferred dosage strength.

    Use the following chart to find the optimal CBG dosage per pound or kilogram for your specific potency preference (i.e., mildest to maximum strength CBG dose).

    Chart: CBG Dosage By Pound or Kilogram

    Single Unit Weight Metric Mild Strength Dose Average Stength Dose Maximum Stength Dose
    1 lbs
    U.S. Imperial Pound
    0.03 mg / lbs 0.08 mg / lbs 0.3 mg / lbs
    1 kg
    Metric Kilogram
    0.066 mg / kg 0.18 mg / kg 0.66 mg / kg

    You’ll enter this information into the following formula:


    Weight: 185 lbs.
    Dosage Strength Preference: Maximum Strength Dose
    [185 lbs] x [0.3 mg per pound] = 55.5 mg of CBG Recommended Per Dose

    Using this formula, we can calculate that a person weighing 185 lbs who requires a maximum strength dose of 0.3 mg per pound will need 55.5 mg of CBG to achieve their optimal daily dose.

    Our next step will be to find the right CBG formulation.

    What do the numbers on my CBG bottle mean?

    Now that we’ve personalized a CBG dose specific to your body weight, we’ll need to find the right “potency” or strength of CBG oil.

    You’ve likely seen CBG oil products with a number on the front label, such as CBG 250 mg or CBG 1,000 mg. This number signifies the total amount of CBG concentrated in a single bottle of oil. Thus, the number 1000 tells you there are 1,000 milligrams of CBG in the bottle.

    All Zero High CBG tinctures have 30 milliliters (mL) of oil per bottle. Each single dropperful contains 1 mL of CBG oil, which means there are 30 CBG doses per bottle.

    Here is the formula we’ll use to make our calculations:


    1000MG Zero High Pure CBG Oil Isolate (30mL bottle)
    [1000] / [30] = 33.33 mg of CBG per dose

    Using this method, we’ve provided a breakdown of the most popular CBG oil product potencies and their dosage amounts in the chart below. Zero High CBG oil includes a graduated dropper for easy measuring of a full or fractional CBG oil dosage.

    Common CBG Oil Product Potency and Dosage Amounts

    Total CBG In Bottle
    (30 mL / 1 oz)
    CBG Per Dropperful
    (1.0 mL)
    Per ¾ Dropper
    (0.75 mL)
    Per ½ Dropper
    (0.50 mL)
    Per ¼ Dropper
    (0.25 mL)
    CBG Per Drop
    (30 drops per mL)
    100MG 3.33 mg 2.49 mg 1.66 mg 0.83 mg 0.11 mg
    250MG 8.33 mg 6.24 mg 4.16 mg 2.08 mg 0.28 mg
    500MG 16.67 mg 12.51 mg 8.33 mg 4.17 mg 0.56 mg
    1000MG 33.33 mg 24.99 mg 16.67 mg 8.33 mg 1.11 mg
    2500MG 83.33 mg 62.49 mg 41.66 mg 20.83 mg 2.78 mg

    When taking CBG, especially when first starting out, you can use the fractional measurements from the chart above during the titration process to easily increase, decrease, and modify your dose as needed.

    Refining dosage with single drops of CBG oil

    CBG is a highly potent cannabinoid, so you don’t have to take extremely high concentrations of it for effective results.

    Some users prefer to further refine their dosage to single drops of CBG oil.

    But how much CBG is in a single drop?

    The chart above provides a general guide for this and uses 30 drops per 1 mL to make this calculation.

    However, due to manufacturing variances dropper openings differ slightly. This means that some droppers may yield 25 drops per milliliter while others will yield 40 drops per milliliter.

    You’ll want to count the exact number of drops for your specific dropper. To do this:

    • Fill the dropper to 1 mL
    • Squeeze out one drop at a time until the dropper is empty.
    • Count the total number of drops.

    Now that we know the total number of drops in your dropper, let’s use this formula to calculate the amount of CBG per drop:


    Count: You count 35 drops for a single milliliter (mL) in your dropper.
    Product: 1000MG Zero High Pure Isolate CBG Oil
    CBG Per 1 mL dropperful dose: 33.33 mg (See chart above)
    [33.33 mg] / [35 drops] = 0.95 mg of CBG per drop from your unique dropper

    With this information you will now have the ability to modify your dose one drop at a time.

    How long does CBG last in your system?

    There are a number of factors that affect how long the effects of CBG will last in your body. These include:

    • Your metabolism
    • How much CBG you take
    • How frequently you take it
    • And the method of delivery you use (oral, sublingual, topical).

    It is believed that CBG’s mechanism of action within the body closely resembles that of other cannabinoids like CBD. This means that CBG’s effects will be similar to how long CBD stays in your system.

    CBG dosage potency/strength

    CBG potency is an important consideration when exploring the benefits of CBG. A mild dose of CBG may have a less pronounced effect than a maximum strength dose.

    This is due, in part, to what is referred to as cannabinoid half-life. The half-life of any drug or natural medicine refers to the duration of time required in order for the substance to become 50% less effective than it was in its original state.

    CBG has a half-life of hours or days. Because of this half-life, a lower dosage strength of CBG will dissipate more quickly than a higher dose. As presence of CBG in the body is “halved,” less of the lower dose will remain versus the higher dose.

    CBG dosage frequency

    Taking even a single dose of CBG may result in noticeable benefits to the user.

    Clinical research into cannabinoids shows that the most pronounced benefits are seen with sustained use over a period of days or weeks.

    Half-life may reduce the amount of each dose taken over time, but regularly taking CBG replenishes its presence in the body.

    To ensure that CBG remains at peak levels, some users take multiple doses or fractional doses throughout they day in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

    How you take CBG

    The peak effects of CBG are achieved between 3 to 8 hours after taking a dose. How you consume CBG will play a role in how soon these effects are felt and how long they last:

    • CBG vapes
      Two to four hours per dose
    • Sublingual CBG
      Four to six hours per dose
    • CBG oral use
      Up to eight hours per dose
    • Topical CBG
      Up to six hours per dose

    CBG’s peak effectiveness closely resembles that of CBD. You can review the CBD Delivery Methods and Bioavailability Chart to explore this information further.


    Your metabolism may also play a significant part in how quickly CBG is absorbed by your body, how long it takes to be used, and the effects you experience.

    Pre-existing medical condition may also play a role in metabolism. Speak with your doctor about concerns you may have if you have a medical treatment plan.

    When to take CBG

    CBG is non-toxic and does not possess any sedative properties.

    It can be safely taken at any time of the day including in the morning, afternoon or evening.

    Users can take a single dose per day or they can take multiple doses throughout the course of the day.

    Some users prefer to break up their optimal daily dose into fractional doses every 6 – 8 hours.

    Use the Product Potency and Dosage Amount Chart above to help you find the best fractional dose if you prefer to break up your total dose throughout the day.

    What is pure isolate CBG?

    CBG is a naturally occurring hemp compound. It is extracted from the cannabis plant at the same time as CBD and a number of other compounds that include terpenes, flavonoids, lipids, chlorophyl and scores of other “minor” cannabinoids.

    This first stage extract is sometimes referred to as a raw extract or a “crude” oil because it has not been refined.

    Following initial extraction, this raw extract goes through a number of processes designed to remove or filter certain compounds. Fats and lipids, for example, are often removed from these raw extracts, as they are unnecessary to the overall function and benefit of final hemp extract products.

    Some processes, such as those used to create distillate concentrates, are designed to maintain the integrity of active synergistic compounds like CBD, CBN, CBG, terpenes and federally compliant levels of THC (less than 0.3%). This type of concentrate is then used to produce full spectrum CBD oil blends.

    Full spectrum CBD oil and THC-free broad spectrum CBD oil tend to contain very high concentrations of cannabidiol (CBD), but significantly lower concentrations of other cannabinoids like CBG. For example, a CBD oil that has a concentration of 100 mg of CBD may have less than a milligram of CBG per dose.

    Users who prefer higher doses of CBG can increase their intake by using a product made with pure isolate CBG concentrate. Pure isolate extracts go through a process of winterization during the extraction wherein the raw extract is chilled to sub-zero temperatures. The temperatures are then raised and specific compounds can be isolated in high concentrations.

    An isolated extract of cannabigerol contains over 98% pure CBG. Other compounds like CBD and THC are completely removed from isolate concentrations.

    The pure isolate CBG powder that is the by-product of this winterization process is then formulated into highly concentrated cannabigerol products that include CBG oil.

    CBG powder can also be infused into drinks, edibles and topicals.

    Can I take CBG oil with CBD oil?

    Both CBG and CBD are non-toxic compounds found in cannabis. They are refined through similar extraction processes.

    Certain types of CBD oil blends such as Full Spectrum CBD and Broad Spectrum CBD already contain naturally occurring levels of the cannabinoid CBG. The concentrations of CBG within these blends are similar to their low concentration ratios in the hemp plant itself, often in the range of around 1 mg per dropperful dose.

    CBG is believed to contribute to the full spectrum entourage effect that research suggests is responsible for the many benefits experienced by CBD users because of the synergists action of multiple hemp compounds working together in the body.

    Users who prefer higher doses of CBG can safely combine a CBG oil dose with their existing CBD oil wellness plan.

    Be sure to review the CBD Dosage Chart to find the optimal dose of CBD to combine with your daily CBG intake.

    CBG side effects and safety information

    CBG is a safe and non-toxic cannabinoid. It is well tolerated and is not habit forming.

    Of users who have experienced side effects when taking CBG, the following are the most commonly reported:

    • Dry mouth
    • Sleepiness
    • Increased appetite
    • Dry eyes
    • Stomach upset

    Side effects from CBG are generally mild and transient. If you experience unwanted side effects when taking CBG you can lower your daily dose or discontinue use.

    Speak with your doctor if you have concerns about adding CBG to your daily wellness plan if you have pre-existing medical conditions or are currently taking prescription medications.

    Can I combine CBG with other hemp products?

    CBG is a naturally occurring cannabinoid

    CBG can be safely combined with other hemp products.

    Some users prefer to utilize isolate products to specifically measure their daily dosage of various cannabinoids.

    These users may combine products such as pure CBG oil isolate with other isolates such as CBN oil and pure CBD isolate oil.

    Be sure to review dosage recommendations use the Cannabiva CBD Dosage Chart and CBN Dosage Chart when combining them with CBG.

    CBG and natural medicines

    Users of CBG often have an existing natural medicine wellness plan that may include vitamins, nutrients, and herbal supplements.

    CBG oil can be safely combined with these natural medicines.

    CBG dosage summary

    CBG is safe, non-toxic and non-sedative cannabinoid found in cannabis hemp. It is often called the “Rolls Royce” of cannabinoids because of its rarity and low concentrations in hemp as compared to other cannabinoids like CBD, CBN or THC.

    • The recommended starting dose of CBG for first time users is 3 mg to 8 mg daily for the first several days.
    • First time users should use the process of titration to help determine their tolerance baseline and can adjust dosage levels as needed until their optimal dose is achieved.
    • Utilize the CBG dosage chart to find your optimal dose based on your body weight and potency preference (mild, average, maximum strength).
    • Factors such as metabolism, dosage strength, dosage frequency and method of taking CBG will play a role in how long CBG’s effect will last in your system.
    • CBG is available to take as CBG oil or buy bulk CBG isolate kilo amounts and larger to save
    • CBG is well tolerated and has a low incidence of side effects. Adverse events, when reported, are generally mild and cease with lower dosage levels or by discontinuing use.
    • CBG can be safely combined with other cannabinoid products like CBD oil and CBN oil, as well as other natural alternatives like vitamins, nutrient supplementation and herbal medicines.
    • Speak with your doctor if you have concerns about adding CBG to your daily wellness plan, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition or are currently taking a prescription medication.

    Do you have questions about CBG oil? Contact a Cannabiva team member for help.

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