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CBD Pre-Workout | Boosting Exercise Performance and Fitness

Using CBD Pre-Workout to Boost Exercise Performance and Fitness

Even the most passionate fitness buffs find themselves hitting a wall from time to time. So, if you’ve been struggling to crush those weights, nail that run, or maintain focus during an intense workout routine, fret not. It might just be time to explore something new, like adding CBD pre-workout to your physical wellness plan.

CBD pre-workout could be the game-changer to elevate your energy, endurance, focus, and overall fitness ability to take your workout routine to the next level. From aiding in speedy recovery to providing relief from soreness and inflammation, come along as we dive into the exciting health benefits of CBD for elite athletes and everyday active people alike.

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    Add CBD to your physical wellness plan and dramatically boost your strength and performance in three key ways:

    Energy and endurance

    CBD is the perfect supplement to keep you energized enough to smash your goals. It has the power to boost your energy and endurance levels, making your next cardio workout, challenging bike race, or weight-lifting session a blast. Imagine a hardcore workout session where you’re not getting killed — you’re killing it every second of every set.

    Focus and concentration

    Working out doesn’t need to be about pushing through but rather mastering your routine with complete attention and dedication. If losing concentration during a workout is a trouble spot for you, CBD pre-workout may offer the helping hand you need. Whether you’re running to win on race day, lifting weights like you do every day, or perfecting that yoga pose you’ve almost got down pat, CBD is a great way to enhance your focus and concentration levels. Transform your most grueling workout sessions into an opportunity for personal growth and performance improvement with CBD pre-workout.

    Growth and recovery

    Sore muscles, slower recovery time, and general aches and pains can be a real drag on your journey to better health. What’s worse is the human body’s natural healing process slows down over time. As we age, many people need more time to rest and recover between bouts of exercise. How much volume we have the energy and endurance to do during exercise bouts decreases, too. Not only is it more challenging to exercise as often as we want, but it’s also more difficult for our bodies to keep up with what we used to be able to do.

    CBD pre-workout can help because it amplifies your body’s own natural healing potential to accelerate recovery time and speed muscle growth, according to research. Add CBD pre-workout to your physical wellness plan to make soreness, fatigue, and slow muscle growth a thing of the past. Rest deeply, recover quickly, and get back to the gym ASAP with CBD pre-workout.

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    Why is CBD the right choice?

    High-quality CBD preworkout is loaded with natural medicines called phytochemicals that come from hemp extracts. Phytochemicals are the magic behind CBD products. They act like tiny chemical messengers in your body, using the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to help regulate many vital functions, including blood flow, blood pressure, inflammation, immune response, and pain tolerance.

    Taking CBD before a workout routine primes your body for rapid healing and accelerated recovery times while reducing inflammation and pain sensitivity. As a partner on your wellness journey, CBD can also aid in stress relief, mood balance, sleep quality, and overall well-being, so you can perform at your best.

    How to take CBD pre-workout

    Cannabis research in the field of sports medicine studies shows taking CBD pre-workout up to one and one-half hours before exercising can help reduce pain sensitivity and promote anti-inflammatory effects, among other CBD health benefits (e.g., positive mood balance and anxiety relief).

    Integrating CBD workout products into your routine is so easy! Follow the scientific research studies with these simple recommendations to begin reaping the benefits of CBD today:

    • Before your workout
      How much CBD you should take depends on how much you weigh. Take CBD pre-workout at least 30 to 45 minutes (but not more than 1½ hours) before physical activity. Use your preferred CBD product or choose one from the product list in the next section.
    • After your workout
      Taking CBD post workout can shorten recovery time and prepare your body for your next gym session sooner. For more detailed insights, check out what we have to say about the effect in our CBD for muscle recovery article.

    Remember, CBD products are not meant to be a quick fix. Adding a CBD workout formula to your physical wellness plan is about fortifying your body’s own natural defense and recovery systems. For the best result, take CBD the same way you do your other supplements: once or twice daily or more often if needed.

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    Best CBD products to add to your pre-workout

    There are lots of different ways to take CBD in addition to your premixed workout supplement.

    Discover Cannabiva brand CBD oil tinctures, softgel CBD capsules, edibles, topicals, and vapes. These formulas offer some of the most popular ways to integrate the power of cannabis plant medicine into your everyday wellness plan. From full spectrum CBD with small amounts of THC to pharmaceutical-grade pure CBD isolate with zero THC, there’s always a CBD product option that aligns with your unique workout goals and lifestyle preferences.

    Let’s explore some of our most popular CBD formula options that allow you to experience a variety of benefits from cannabinoids, terpenes, and other hemp plant compounds.

    CBD tinctures and oil

    Direct, powerful, and versatile, these CBD products are the top choice for many fitness enthusiasts. Whether you administer a few drops under the tongue or mix a small amount into your favorite pre-workout shake, CBD tinctures are super convenient to use anywhere, any time of day.

    CBD gummies and edibles

    Got a bit of a sweet tooth? We’ve got you covered with our health-conscious CBD-infused treats. They can be a tasty way to get your CBD fix before hitting the weights or the running track. Blend a CBD honey stick into your morning smoothie drink or pop a CBD gummy into your mouth for the ride to the gym or exercise studio.

    CBD capsules and softgels

    Our perfectly measured CBD softgels might be the best option if you have an on-the-go lifestyle. It’s s easy to mete out the right dose with our CBD softgels because they come in 25 mg potency.

    CBD topical

    Spot treat those tired, aching muscles and joints with CBD-infused topical creams, lotions, balms, and salves that offer localized relief and relaxation.

    What type of CBD works the fastest at the gym?

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    A deep dive into the benefits of CBD

    As you dive deeper into CBD pre-workouts, you’ll discover there’s a reason why many athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike report using CBD to accelerate recovery and support the body’s natural healing ability: Because it really does work!

    CBD is not just about enhancing your performance in the gym, either. There are so many CBD health benefits that can transform your everyday wellness journey — and your day-to-day life — into something extraordinary. In one 2020 research study, for example, 80% of athletes who used CBD did so to enhance their recovery. In the same study, 78% reported using CBD at night to sleep better, 32% for anxiety relief, and 14% for other medical purposes.

    Wave goodbye to muscle aches and pains

    You’re probably no stranger to feeling the dull ache and inflammation associated with the aftermath of high-intensity workout sessions. Pushing yourself to the limit feels great in the moment, but your body needs time to heal post-workout. The good news is that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD work with your body’s natural healing and defense system to help you recover faster. Imagine heading into your next workout, raring to go without that lingering soreness and fatigue in your muscles and joints.

    A natural stress reliever

    It’s not endorphins that make you feel high after an intense workout session — it’s your endocannabinoid system! Adding CBD to the mix can help you better manage stress, calm your nerves, and gear yourself up for the next challenge of the day.

    Your new cardio ally

    Whether you’re jogging, swimming, boxing, or engaging in any other form of cardio training, CBD can deliver that extra edge to your fitness ability. With the potential to enhance your stamina and keep you going for longer, CBD can help you push towards even the most seemingly unattainable of goals.

    Weightlifting support

    It’s no secret that lifting weights requires focus, energy, and stamina. It goes beyond physical strength and calls for mental fortitude to push through the discomfort. CBD has the power to help you enhance these aspects of your workout, reducing muscle soreness and improving your overall weightlifting performance.

    The bottom line on CBD pre-workouts to boost exercise performance and fitness

    CBD pre-workout is more than a trend. It’s backed by a growing body of scientific research that shows it may just hold the key to taking your fitness to unprecedented new heights. From energizing your workout sessions to aiding in faster recovery, the applications of CBD workout products are diverse and promising.

    Whether it’s cardio, running, weight lifting, or simply lifting your spirits, CBD pre-workouts could be the answer you’ve been looking for to take your routine to the next level.

    The future of fitness is waiting. Are you in?

    Frequently asked CBD preworkout questions

    New to CBD workout products? Get answers to the most frequently asked questions here. Contact Cannabiva customer care if you can’t find what you’re looking for today. We’re always happy to help!

    CBD and pre-workout were born to work together! Safely mix CBD oil, distillate, or isolate powder directly into your pre-workout drink. Or pop a couple of softgels or CBD gummies and wash them down with your pre-workout.

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