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CBD for Period Pain Relief Can Take You From Achy to Awesome


Fed up with monthly menstrual pain and period cramps? You are absolutely not alone!

Shockingly, studies show a gobsmacking 90% of us experience enough menstrual discomfort every month that we seek out something to help relieve the burden.

Discover the gentle touch of CBD for period pain relief and wave buh-bye to the days of trudging through your monthly menstrual cycle.

Many women are turning to CBD for painful periods because it promotes a wide variety of benefits, from boosting mood and outlook to lowering pain sensitivity, supporting bowel health, and reducing inflammation in the body. CBD, it turns out, is an all-in-one natural alternative for menstrual cycle relief.

Now, let’s find out how CBD can help you flip the script on your monthly menstrual pain struggles once and for all! 💪

What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid produced in the leaves and flowers of the cannabis sativa plant. Cannabinoids are unique because they become pharmacologically active upon taking them internally or by applying topical CBD externally to the skin.

Once in the body, cannabinoids act like tiny messenger chemicals that help us feel better by increasing relaxation, reducing pain sensitivity, supporting normal serotonin function, and optimizing healthy hormone balance.

Cannabinoids like CBD bind and interact with special receptor sites in your body’s endocannabinoid system. This is key to CBD’s wide-ranging effects because the endocannabinoid system regulates many different vital functions, including stress response, mood, pain sensation, inflammation, sleep/wake rhythms, and — if you can believe it — a whole lot more.

CBD Entourage Effect: The Magic Behind the Medicine
HOW CBD WORKS: Discover the magic behind this natural alternative medicine

Is CBD good for period pain relief?

Turning to CBD for period pain is changing the game in women’s health for good.

Research shows CBD may help relieve period pain and other common symptoms of menstrual discomfort like bloating, cramping, headaches, and lower back aches.

CBD is not just about easing painful menstruation. Taking Cannabiva regularly helps to transform your whole mind and body experience, so you’re living your best life every day whether or not you’re riding the crimson wave.

How many mg of CBD for period pain is effective?

Figuring out the best CBD dose for you is super simple!

How much CBD to take for period pain is based on your body weight. On average, many women take between 25 mg and 50 mg CBD to relieve period cramps and other common symptoms of painful menstruation

Remember that we are all unique. Different people may need different dosage amounts to help them feel better. Take a moment to review Cannabiva CBD dosage recommendations for women weighing 100 to 300 lbs:

Learning how much CBD you need to feel better without appetite effects.

CBD USAGE & SAFETY: Find the perfect dose for your painful periods

How long does CBD take to work for period pain?

Different forms of CBD take effect in the body at different rates. Sublingual use (i.e., taking your drops of CBD oil for period pain under the tongue and holding it there for up to a minute) has the most rapid onset. CBD under the tongue begins working in as little as a few minutes time and lasts four to six hours per dose.

Swallowing your CBD oil, softgel capsules, gummies, or honey — called oral CBD administration — takes effect in about one hour and lasts for six to eight hours.

How to use CBD oils to relieve period pain

Take CBD once daily for at least three days before your cycle to ensure adequate cannabinoid levels in your body.

Follow these helpful usage tips to get the most out of every CBD dose:

Use daily for best results
CBD can work wonders during painful menstrual periods. But it can provide positive support the rest of the time, too! It’s a good idea to add CBD to your wellness plan and use it daily. While limited research is available on long-term CBD use cases, studies show CBD’s potential benefits are cumulative and work best over time.

Get dual action relief
Take your drops of CBD for period pain under the tongue. Hold CBD oil tincture there for 30 to 60 seconds and then swallow with water or your favorite beverage. This CBD dosing method takes advantage of the different ways your body absorbs cannabinoids. You get rapid-acting effects from taking CBD under the tongue and long-lasting benefits from the slower absorption that happens through your digestive tract.

Increase absorption with food
Recent clinical research shows CBD absorbs best and lasts longest when taken with a fatty meal. Optionally, you may take your drops of CBD for period pain management with a light snack or glass of whole milk to achieve similar levels of absorption. Taking CBD on an empty stomach leads to poorer absorption and shorter duration of effects and is not recommended.

Take more CBD when you need it
CBD is a remarkably forgiving natural medicine, and studies show it is generally safe and well-tolerated in healthy women. Hemp CBD extract is non-toxic, not addictive, and won’t cause withdrawal effects should you decide to stop. If you need a little extra natural nudge during a particularly painful menstrual cycle, it’s okay to take more CBD up to the maximum recommended dose for your body weight.

What’s the best CBD for painful periods?

Full Spectrum is the best CBD oil for period pain relief because it’s made from a minimally processed hemp extract. This is important because it means there are more phytochemicals in the mix.

Phytochemicals are naturally occurring plant medicines in cannabis that can help you feel better. They include cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Ideally, the harvesting process and extraction techniques used to manufacture your full spectrum hemp extract should preserve the plant’s biochemical identity.

High-quality extracts from Cannabiva go a step further with our true full spectrum blends. Our organically grown hemp plants are hand-harvested whole at their peak and flash-frozen. The raw cannabis material is kept at subzero temperatures throughout the manufacturing process. You get up to 200% more minor cannabinoids like CBN and CBG and 90% more terpenes with Cannabiva true full spectrum CBD than you do with other hemp extract companies.

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FAQs about CBD for period pain relief

Review our CBD for period pain FAQ if you still have questions about how it can help you feel relief.

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