CBD vs Kratom: Two Titans of Natural Medicine Go Head-to-Head

CBD vs Kratom: Two Titans of Natural Medicine Go Head-to-Head

Could you imagine if CBD and kratom were Hollywood celebrities? They’d be infamous — no, notorious!

Like lots of infamous people we know, the Notorious CBD and kratom duo have both had their share of run-ins with the law, not just in the United States but around the world. Simply having them on your person can get you tossed in jail in many places. (That’s way harsh for having healing plants when you think about it.☝️)

Each one has a stigma for being mind-altering, though only kratom alkaloids have that effect. The two are also very controversial in another way: They challenge the predominant medical theory behind effective treatment options for everyday wellness concerns like pain and anxiety. It’s led to a wave of legislative attempts to ban them altogether and lots of fiery debate and pushback as a result.

For all their cultural similarities, CBD and kratom couldn’t be more different in every other way. Today’s CBD blog post spotlights why these healing natural medicines are so unique and how — through their powers combined — they amplify each other’s health benefits.

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CBD and kratom legality

The Notorious CBD and kratom duo have some questionable legal status around the world. So, make sure you are legally in the clear before buying them online or at your local headshop.

In the US, CBD was federally legalized in the ancient days of, oh — 2018?! It hasn’t been long. But it’s safe to say you’re in the clear with Cannabiva® brand CBD products in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. The legal waters for CBD get a bit murkier outside of the USA. Check your local cannabis laws if you live internationally before you buy.

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Kratom legality is a bit sketchier. It’s not federally illegal, but it is banned in some states and various towns nationwide.

Today, in 2024 America, for example, a person in possession of kratom in some places can be threatened with significant prison time. So, always be mindful of your local regulations when using it.

Will kratom or CBD get you high?

CBD is the “Sober Sally” when comparing it to kratom, which is more like the Rebellious Cousin that might make you see everything in a whole new light.

Cannabinoid compounds derived from hemp are mostly non-psychoactive. When it comes to THC content, there’s just not enough in over-the-counter CBD to make you feel high or stoned, even if you wind up taking a lot. There are also THC-free CBD product options for those avoiding the psychoactive cannabinoid altogether.

Only kratom has psychoactive alkaloids that potentially impact your mental sharpness. Its sedative effect becomes stronger the more you take. All kratom strains have alkaloid compounds. These bind to opiate receptor sites in the body and may add a mind-altering quality to the kratom experience. Taking high doses of the plant is reported to cause feelings of euphoria with possible auditory or visual distortions.


CBD use cannot cause psychoactive side effects, but kratom can. Always start with a low CBD or kratom dosage and increase slowly when first beginning.

The way they make you feel

Cannabidiol — called CBD for short — is unique. The beauty of CBD is that it uses your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to promote health benefits in a way that causes no psychoactive effects. The ECS controls just about every important bodily function, which is why taking CBD works in so many ways. You will feel everyday muscle aches, joint pain, stress, anxiety, and mood changes become more manageable and easier to handle — all without feeling high or loopy.

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Kratom product users generally report both mental and physical effects from taking it. At low doses, kratom is an upper with stimulating effects that boost energy and improve focus. Taking higher doses turns kratom into a powerful natural sedative that helps relieve anxiety and chronic pain conditions.

Combining CBD and kratom could amplify their individual effects, according to researchers. This has the potential to enhance the sedative action of kratom, making it feel stronger and more pronounced for the dual-product user.

Side effects of CBD vs kratom

CBD is generally well-tolerated by healthy adults 18 and older. Commonly reported adverse reactions from taking low-dose CBD products include dry mouth, drowsiness, and appetite changes. Stopping CBD at any time is safe and will not cause side effects.

Adverse reactions to kratom may be more significant because psychoactive alkaloids in the plant bind to opiate receptor sites in the body. Kratom users commonly report elevated heart rate, dizziness, and drowsiness. Those taking kratom products long-term could experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop abruptly. Symptoms of withdrawal may include nausea, vomiting, muscle pain, sweating, hot flashes, and insomnia.

Allergic reactions to CBD or kratom are rare. But if you have known allergies to other medications or foods, talk to your doctor before adding either natural medicine to your wellness plan.

Which one is safer?

Most people choose hemp-derived CBD products instead of kratom because cannabis has far more scientific backing. The safety profile of CBD is well-established, and hundreds of trials, clinical studies, and medical journals support its effectiveness as a natural medicine.

Kratom research is still sparse, and reports of dependence, addiction, and potentially dangerous adverse reactions steer many would-be users away.

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Does one work better than the other?

Everybody is unique, and the real solution for some might look less like kratom vs CBD and more like kratom and CBD. That’s according to new studies that shed light on the potential benefits of combining both natural medicines.

Researchers found that cannabinoid compounds in cannabis extracts amplified individual kratom alkaloids. The powerhouse combo appeared to work better together, and study authors suggest concurrent use to maximize potential therapeutic effects.

Timing may also be a key consideration in how well CBD, kratom, or combining both works for you.

CBD vs kratom for anxiety

Non-psychoactive CBD might be the best option for nervousness, anxious feelings, and occasional panic attacks during the day. It won’t cause drowsiness or mind-altering effects, so it’s perfect for keeping you cool, calm, and clear-headed.

Kratom usage for late-night and bedtime anxiety issues is probably the best way to go since you’ll be taking higher dosage ranges that are known to cause sedation. Combining both helps you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and have more balanced sleep/wake rhythms.

Kratom vs CBD for pain

Taking CBD for daytime muscle aches and joint pain due to overuse and the normal effects of aging ensures you experience pain relief benefits without feeling drowsy or tired. Feeling alert and clear-headed is important because you’ve got places to be and people to see!

Nighttime kratom use for pain management is ideal because of potential drowsiness or sleepiness. Adding CBD to magnify the sedative effects and promote its unique flavor of pain relief and anti-inflammatory action will ensure you get a deep, restful sleep.

CBD oil vs kratom leaves

Hemp oil is fragrant, with an earthy flavor that might tingle your taste buds if it’s a premium quality hemp brand like Cannabiva. CBD oil tingles on your taste buds at high concentrations and may have a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Kratom leaves are very bitter, and so is the tea they produce. Capsules are the go-to choice for most because they’re flavorless, easy to take, and discrete for on-the-go use.

It has to be said that CBD is a lot more versatile compared to commercial kratom product options. Here’s what CBD brings to the table when it comes to variety:

  1. Oil tincture
  2. Softgels and capsules
  3. Raw concentrates
  4. CBD Gummies
  5. Honey
  6. Chocolate
  7. Edibles like cookies and cakes
  8. Coffee
  9. Inflorescences
  10. Vapes

Hemp-derived CBD also comes in different types called full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate, each offering something unique to users.

Compare that variety to the kratom product offering — generally, leaf kratom tea and capsules with a premeasured, powdered kratom dose — and the choice is clear for most people.

FAQs about CBD and Kratom

Check out these frequently asked questions about Kratom and CBD. Live chat with a Cannabiva Sales Associate if you need help choosing the right product.

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