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CBD Lube: Rev Up Your Sex Life w/ Some Wet’N’Wild Fun

CBD Lube: Rev Up Your Sex Life w/ Some Wet'N'Wild Fun

It's time to buckle up (or maybe unbuckle?) because we're about to slide into the wet'n'wild world of CBD lubes.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is not just the star ingredient in your favorite gummies, tincture oil, or bath bombs. Yes, CBD is all those things, but it's so much more. Sure, we could tease you... Keep you waiting for the answer... Just... A bit longer...

But that's not our style! 😏

Now, let's jump right into what you're here for: exploring the titillating benefits of CBD sex lube for better intimacy and lovemaking.

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    Ooh, la la!

    Lately, CBD has been weaving its magic where it matters most — in the bedroom. Isn’t it time you turned up the heat on your intimate encounters with CBD lube?

    (Hint: it absolutely is!)

    What’s the deal with CBD sex lube?

    CBD lubrication is a game-changer that’s turning heads, tangling sheets, and making tame tête-à-têtes into torrid trysts the world over.

    Gone are the days when CBD was just for those seeking relaxation or a little bit of pain relief here and there. Don’t get us wrong, CBD is still fantastic for those wellness concerns and many more. But now CBD is making its grand entrance into the world of pleasure play.

    CBD lube is everything you didn’t know you needed, and once you get a load of it, you definitely won’t be able to live without it.

    Does hemp CBD lube make sex better?

    Uh, does a pussycat have nine lives?

    You better believe CBD lube makes for better sex and intimacy!

    But that’s just the icing on the cake because CBD lubrication isn’t your run-of-the-mill sex oil. No, siree-ma’am, this isn’t just about slip and slide or wham, bam, thank you them kinda stuff.

    CBD lube is about electrifying touch, heightening sensation, and sparking intimate connections that make your toes curl and your teeth chatter. With all the powerful benefits of organic hemp, CBD-infused lube promises a unique experience for the ultimate shared intimacy.

    Try Cannabiva CBD oil for sex today!

    Come along for the ride as we study the sex benefits of CBD and find out whether all of the hype is backed by scientific research.

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    How does CBD work?

    Let’s peek behind the curtain to see how CBD works after putting it on your most intimate areas.

    Cannabidiol is the primary active ingredient in your CBD lube. It’s called a major cannabinoid because it is the most predominant medicinal compound found in cannabis. But it’s not the only hemp plant derivative that delivers the goods.

    The best CBD lube is made with full spectrum hemp oil, so it has other minor cannabinoids (e.g., CBC, CBG, and CBN), essential oils like terpenes, and flavonoids in the mix. These plant medicines work together to produce a natural phenomenon scientists call the entourage effect. In short, the more cannabis plant medicines in your full spectrum CBD lube, the better it works to knock your socks off in the bedroom and leave you high on cloud nine.

    Apply CBD lube to any erogenous zone and you’ll begin feeling it work in minutes. The cannabinoids and other plant medicines in your CBD lubricant start to absorb almost immediately, using your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to influence physiological processes like blood flow, mood balance, sensitivity to pain, and even the intimate aspects of sexuality.

    CBD lube benefits

    We all want better sex, and CBD lube delivers. But its benefits go a long way beyond any ordinary store-bought sex oils.

    Alleviating dryness is only the beginning

    It’s no secret that one of the main reasons people tend to reach for any intimate oil, whether anal lube, vaginal lube, or other personal lubricant, is to add a little moisture and wetness to the party.

    But CBD lubricant isn’t simply a natural formula for dryness. It’s an organic hemp CBD product that loves your skin and nourishes the most intimate areas when they need it moist — err, most.

    Best of all, CBD intimacy oil provides natural lubrication and moisture that lasts a long time during sex and well beyond, so it’s a perfect all-in-one healthy skin solution you can use in and out of the bedroom!

    Heightened sensation and intimacy levels

    Take your intimacy to new heights using CBD oil as lube. Just a few drops of the slippery stuff go a long way to increase arousal and electrify your sense of touch.

    Not to mention, when combined with natural ingredients such as hemp seed oil, virgin coconut oil, or MCT oil, you get an unmatched experience of relaxation and heightened pleasure sensation.

    Relief from pain and discomfort

    Sex should be enjoyable, but that doesn’t always mean there won’t be some pain or discomfort during intercourse for some people. The good news is CBD lube can help make intercourse significantly more enjoyable if you or your partner experience exceptional dryness, tightness, or sensitive skin.

    Take heart if you or someone you love experience pain or discomfort during intercourse. CBD is well-recognized throughout the scientific research community for its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits.

    Better orgasms

    Are you chasing that elusive mind-blowing orgasm (let’s be real, who isn’t)?

    You’ll be keen to learn that using CBD-infused arousal oil has led to intensified, more frequent, and more powerful orgasms. Sounds like a win-win.

    Is CBD lube safe?

    Cannabiva CBD oils are safe to use in, on, and around your most intimate areas because we use only 100% organic hemp grown in the USA infused with a USDA-certified organic coconut oil base.

    All our CBD products are triple-tested by third-party labs — once after harvest, after extraction, and lastly, in finished product form — to guarantee there are no pesticides, harmful chemicals, or heavy metals.

    Safety first: Talk to a sexual health expert or other knowledgeable healthcare practitioner before using CBD lube if you have been diagnosed with any medical condition or think you may suffer from a serious health issue.

    CBD sex oil is generally well-tolerated by both male and female users when applied externally to increase lubrication and promote other healthy skin benefits. Discontinue use and talk to your healthcare professional if skin irritation or allergic reaction develops.

    Will CBD lube get me high?

    Not sure about the idea of weed lube? Don’t worry — you won’t get high!

    CBD is an entirely different animal than its infamous chemical cousin, THC. CBD lube has no psychoactive effects, so you can’t get high no matter how much you and your partner use during your romp.

    Add a little sticky’n’sweet to your sex, honey

    CBD lube isn’t the only way to make your bedroom play more fun, interesting — and now even tastier!

    Add Cannabiva CBD honey sticks to the mix and explode your taste buds while you blow your mind! Drizzle the sweet stuff on your partner’s favorite erogenous zone and go wild. Cannabiva honey is made from organic hemp CBD and US Grade A organic honey.

    A world of choices to play with and explore

    Like the many varied market offerings in the wonderful world of CBD (full spectrum, broad spectrum, isolate), lubricant is no exception. Whether you’re looking for a sexual oil for women or something that caters to all genders and needs, there’s a CBD product with its own list of benefits that’s perfect for you.

    Slide into the future of intimacy with CBD lube

    Wondering what CBD lube can do for you?

    Whether you want to use it as a massage oil, bring it into your most intimate moments, or just wanna have fun and experiment, the sky’s the limit, and cloud nine is the goal when it comes to using CBD lube in the bedroom. Offering so much more than lubrication, it promises a wild ride filled with excitement and enhanced connection.

    What are you waiting for? Trying CBD-infused lube might be just what you need to spice up your sex life.

    CBD lubes and CBD sex oils put the EE-YOWZA into adult playtime — get yours today!

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    Frequently asked questions about CBD lubes for sex and intimacy play.

    New to CBD lube? No worries! We’ve got the 411 on what you need to know for best results in the FAQ below.

    Contact Cannabiva customer care if you can’t find what you’re looking for today. We’re always happy to help!

    CBD oil-based lube does not play well with polyisoprene or latex condoms because it can weaken the material, making your condom more likely to tear or break.

    Read your CBD lube packaging before using it to check for oil-based ingredients. Look for natural ingredients like organic MCT oil, coconut oil, or essential oils, all of which could cause problems with condoms made from latex. Use CBD-infused silicone lube or water-based lube instead for safe lube/latex play.

    Oil-based, silicone-based, and water-based CBD lubes are all safe to use with polyurethane condoms.

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