CBD Suppositories: How to Use a CBD Suppository for Intimacy and Health

CBD Suppositories: How to Use a CBD Suppository for Intimacy and Health

The buzzword fluttering about wellness circles these days is “CBD,” renowned for its seemingly neverending range of benefits. But did you know CBD has also made its way into the world of intimacy and sexual health in the form of a cannabis suppository?

Hemp CBD suppositories are a revolutionary addition to the cannabis products on the market today, catering not only to those looking to enhance pleasure and intimate relations with their partner but also to people seeking relief from specific wellness concerns.

Dive into our informative CBD suppository guide to learn the ins and outs of anal and vaginal CBD suppositories. Get excited because you'll be on your way to enjoying the many benefits of hemp suppositories for better sex and general wellness in just a few minutes time!

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    Cannabiva CBD suppositories are made for vaginal and anal use, delivering a wealth of targeted benefits where they are needed most to alleviate pelvic pain, soothe inflammation, boost sexual function, and so much more!

    The benefits of hemp CBD suppositories

    Let’s explore some of the benefits clinical study links to anal and vaginal CBD suppositories.

    Intimate health and sexual function

    For many people, great sex is vital to a happy and fulfilling life. Pleasurable, satisfying sex promotes better emotional connections with our partner, relieves stress, fosters personal growth, and often counts as a healthy bout of daily physical activity. So when there’s a problem with sexual function, it can impact many other life areas.

    Hemp CBD suppositories work wonders in creating a more comfortable and pleasurable sexual experience in several ways:

    The cannabinoids in hemp extract stimulate your endocannabinoid system to increase blood flow. As a result, using a CBD suppository can heighten physical feeling and sensation, enhancing overall pleasure during vaginal or anal sex.

    CBD vaginal suppositories alleviate vaginal dryness, acting as an effective lubricant. The extra lubrication reduces friction to help you feel more pleasure. It also minimizes soreness and irritation, so you can take your sex from mild to wild without the worry of discomfort afterward.

    Applying CBD to intimate areas produces well-known relaxation benefits that amplify pleasurable physical sensations for more gratifying and satisfying sexual encounters.

    CBD for general well-being

    The benefits of CBD suppositories go far beyond the realm of intimate relations. They provide a targeted approach to some everyday wellness concerns that might be challenging to treat through other means:

    For those suffering from pelvic pain and cramps, including conditions like endometriosis, CBD’s analgesic properties may offer fast-acting natural relief.

    CBD’s anti-inflammatory action can assist in the soothing and treatment of hemorrhoids.

    The ability of CBD to improve blood circulation also targets many everyday wellness concerns, making it a versatile option for a wide range of benefits.

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    How does CBD work?

    Inserting your CBD suppository either rectally or vaginally promotes fast-acting benefits in the immediate local area. But the CBD cannabinoid also works its magic throughout the body using the endocannabinoid system and other signaling pathways once it is absorbed into the bloodstream. The endocannabinoid system — ECS for short — controls a lot of important physiological processes in the body, including pain sensitivity, mood balance, temperature regulation, and immune function.

    CBD and other minor cannabinoids (e.g., CBG, CBN, or CBC) in your hemp extract suppository act like tiny chemical messengers when they bind to special ECS receptor sites. You can think of it as using the right key to unlock a door. Only CBD is a very unique kind of key because it changes shape during certain enzymatic reactions, so it fits many different locks to promote a wide range of benefits.

    When cannabis plant medicines bind to ECS receptors, they send a message directly to that part of the body. That message may tell your body to respond in different ways. As a result, CBD may help to boost mood, soothe tension, reduce anxiety, promote pain relief, or trigger an anti-inflammatory effect.

    Can a CBD suppository get you high?

    The differences between full and broad spectrum CBD and THC suppositories are important to understand as they determine the product’s effects and legality.

    Full spectrum hemp-derived CBD suppositories contain low, non-psychoactive levels of THC (less than 0.3%), while broad spectrum hemp suppositories have no detectable levels of THC (0.0%). No matter much you take, you won’t get high from these CBD products, making them safe and legal for general use.

    Are CBD suppositories legal in the United States?


    Note that a marijuana-derived THC suppository will get you high, depending on the dose you take. Because of the potential for psychoactive effects, THC suppositories are only available for medicinal marijuana use (or recreationally in some states with recreational marijuana legislation).

    How to use a CBD suppository

    Using a suppository is a personal choice that should be approached with care and understanding.

    • Thoroughly clean your hands and the intended area for the hemp suppository
    • Check whether the suppository needs to be stored in the refrigerator or warmed before use
    • Coconut oil or other natural lube may be used to ease insertion and penetration
    • Lie in a comfortable position and gently insert the suppository vaginally or anally
    • Adjust the position for insertion according to comfort and intended use
    • Relax and allow time for the suppository to dissolve and take effect
    • CBD suppository benefits are apparent within one to three hours

    Staying safe when using a suppository

    Stay safe every time you make changes to your wellness plan by talking to your doctor first.

    Keep these guidelines in mind when first adding suppositories to your CBD Wellness Plan:

    • Choose reputable brands that showcase their third-party lab test results front and center to ensure you’re getting the best high-quality CBD.
    • Know the ingredients in your hemp suppository, including potential allergens or irritants. This is especially important if CBD products are used for sexual activities, so check with your partner beforehand.
    • Follow all usage and storage instructions on the product label, and take note of when your CBD expires.
    • Always insert your CBD suppository gently to avoid irritation and discomfort.

    Is my CBD suppository still safe if it's expired?

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    Speak with your doctor if you have additional concerns about using CBD suppositories, have been diagnosed with a medical condition, are taking prescription or over-the-counter medicine, or if you are pregnant or nursing.

    Do CBD suppositories have side effects?

    Side effects are rare when Cannabiva CBD products are used as directed. Less than one-half of one percent (0.5%) of users may experience adverse effects. These may include irritation or discomfort at the insertion site, bowel movement changes, and drowsiness.

    Allergic reactions to CBD suppositories are not common. However, your allergy risk may increase if you have a history of food allergies or hypersensitivity to other prescription or over-the-counter medicine, according to studies.

    Final thoughts on CBD suppositories

    CBD suppositories offer promising intimacy and general health benefits, touching everything from sexual pleasure to inflammation in the body and temporary pain relief.

    By understanding what you’re looking for, following the recommended CBD dosage guidelines, and choosing high-quality CBD products from Cannabiva brand, you can explore this exciting new aspect of cannabis extracts with confidence in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

    How strong should your CBD suppository concentration be?

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