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CBD Shatter: What it is & How to Use it | Concentrate Comparison

CBD Shatter: What it is & How to Use it | Concentrate Comparison

In the vast, everchanging landscape of CBD products, shatter stands out thanks to its extreme purity, high potency, and rapid action. It’s the top pick for dabbers seeking an intensified yet purified CBD experience. Let’s unpack everything you need to know about this fascinating concentrate.

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    What is CBD shatter?

    At its essence, CBD shatter is a form of cannabidiol extract that can be characterized by its solid, brittle texture that can be compared to hard candy (with a somewhat earthy or grassy taste). The aroma will change depending on how many terpenes it contains.

    What makes shatter so unique is its purity. It’s one of the cleanest forms of CBD concentrates that you will find, with no solvents or impurities, often clocking in at over 90% pure cannabidiol. As the name suggests, it shatters easily – but believe it or not, its strength lies in its fragility.

    Potential benefits

    Much like any other CBD product, shatter is sought after due to its potential health benefits. These may include pain relief, anxiety reduction, and assistance with sleep disorders, just to name a few.

    The fast-acting nature of shatter, when dabbed, can make it particularly appealing if you’re seeking swift relief. As an added bonus, with its high potency, users often require a smaller amount to experience their desired effects.

    Shatter can also provide the entourage effect when it retains other cannabinoids, terpenes, and compounds from the hemp or cannabis plant. This beautiful synergy of compounds has the power to amplify the therapeutic properties of CBD and enhance its potential benefits.

    How to use CBD shatter

    The most common way to use shatter is through the dabbing method. If you’re a dabber, you already appreciate the ritual. But for the uninitiated and curious among us, dabbing involves heating a small amount of shatter on a hot surface (usually within a dab rig) and then inhaling the vaporized concentrate.

    This is a method that tends to deliver speedy results, often in as little as minutes, and the effects can be intense and potent thanks to the high concentration of CBD in shatter.

    How CBD shatter is made

    The journey of shatter begins in the hemp or cannabis plant. Through careful extraction methods, typically using CO2 or ethanol, the essential cannabinoids and terpenes are isolated.

    The extract then undergoes a purification process to remove any residual solvents and impurities to ensure it is immaculate. What remains is a translucent, glassy concentrate. The transparent appearance is attributed to the molecules in the extract aligning so neatly which reflects light and creates a unique look and texture.

    Is CBD shatter legal?

    Legality often hands on the source of CBD and its THC content. If the shatter is derived from hemp and contains no THC (or an amount that falls below the legal threshold), it’s legal in many places – as it is in most of the U.S. thanks to the introduction of the Farm Bill. However, if it’s extracted from cannabis with higher THC levels, its legality may vary according to state laws.

    A quick glance at other concentrates

    Shatter certainly isn’t the only attractive CBD product on the block. There’s also:

    • A liquid concentrate known as distillate often boasting up to 80% CBD. It’s versatile and can be taken orally, dabbed, or used to enhance other products
    • With a sticky texture, wax is less refined than shatter, which can result in a broader offering of cannabinoids and terpenes
    • Dabs is a general term for concentrated CBD that can be dabbed, encompassing shatter, wax, and more
    • The purest form of CBD is isolate, (usually around 99%), which doesn’t contain any other components of the hemp plant

    How does CBD shatter make you feel?

    Given the high potency of shatter, it can deliver pronounced effects efficiently. Dabbers often report a rapid onset of calm, relaxation, and clarity.

    In terms of side effects, it’s important to remember that everyone is different and your body may react differently to the next person. The key to knowing how much to use is to begin with a small amount and see how it works for you.

    Finding the best CBD shatter

    For an optimal experience, look for a high-quality shatter product that:

    • Has a high concentration of CBD
    • Provided full spectrum or broad spectrum benefits (having retained beneficial terpenes and other cannabinoids like CBG and CBN)
    • Is free from unnecessary additives

    Final thoughts on CBD shatter

    For all of the experienced dabbers out there or those curious about exploring new concentrates, CBD shatter presents an exciting and potent avenue to experience the potential benefits of CBD. Dive in for the ultimate intensity and purity in no time. Happy dabbing!

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