The Complete Guide: CBD Isolate Powder & CBD Isolate Oil Facts

The Complete Guide to CBD Isolate Powder and CBD Isolate Oil

Welcome to the ever-expanding CBD universe! Here, wellness and innovation unite to create seemingly endless ways of integrating this wonder compound into your daily life.

CBD isolate powder and CBD isolate oil tinctures are the two shining stars in our product lineup today. These are not your run-of-the-mill CBD products, mind you. Isolates represent the absolute pinnacle of CBD purity, so radically refined that the finished product is colorless, odorless, and flavorless.

Ready to uncover the remarkable versatility and powerful benefits of CBD isolates? Click a table of contents option to jump ahead in the article or keep reading to explore the magic behind the medicine.

Table of Contents

    More people are discovering CBD health benefits today than ever before. With that growing awareness comes an interest in understanding the unique differences between isolates and other hemp plant extracts.

    What is CBD isolate?

    Imagine the purest and most potent form of CBD you can get. That’s what powdered CBD isolate is in a nutshell.

    Pure CBD isolates like Zero High brand are radically refined to over 99.7% Cannabidiol, the active ingredient in the hemp plant that helps you feel better.

    Isolate CBD powder contains no other cannabinoid compounds — not even a hint of the mind-altering chemical substance THC that causes psychoactive effects. Our pure isolates are 0.00% THC, verified by 3rd-party lab testing.

    How is CBD isolate made?

    Zero High brand powdered CBD isolate begins its journey in the organic fields of Colorado, where our farming partners harvest our cannabis plants whole. The raw material is flash-frozen, packed into subzero storage containers, and transported to our US Hemp Authority-certified and non-GMO project-verified extraction facility.

    Cannabiva Organic Industrial Hemp Fields in Boulder County, Colorado

    Our initial full spectrum extract is about 58% CBD and totally loaded with cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial plant compounds. This raw extraction material needs to undergo some additional filtration techniques before it becomes an isolate.

    To start, a specialized process called chromatography removes the psychoactive chemical THC from the extract. It also strips the remaining cannabinoid molecules like CBD, CBG and CBN and separates them from each other. Now we are ready to radically purify our CBD-rich extract using a solvent wash process. It is repeatedly heated and cooled until all that’s left is a crystalline white powder that’s over 99.7% pure CBD and nothing else.

    Such high-quality CBD extracts are called single-molecule isolates and represent the very essence of CBD in its most untainted, unadulterated state.

    Isolate vs full spectrum distillate

    The universe of CBD products is vast and varied. In a faceoff to compare the two hemp extract powerhouses, isolates win the award for the purest form of CBD, while full spectrum CBD products hold the title of being potentially more effective based on clinical study.

    Research shows cannabinoids and terpenes — the plant compounds produced by cannabis — amplify each others individual health effects when they are combined. Together, they promote a powerful entourage effect. The more of these beneficial plant medicines in your CBD product, the better it may work to relieve your everyday wellness concern symptoms.

    All in all, the decision comes down to personal preference. Are you looking for the unadulterated purity of CBD isolate, or do you crave the holistic experience promised by the entire spectrum of cannabis plant medicines?

    What isolates look and taste like

    CBD isolate is a crystalline powder that sparkles when held up to light. The tiny crystals you see shimmering back at you in the powder form are the active ingredient Cannabidiol, or CBD for short. Depending on the purity, isolates may range from bright white to a faint greyish, greenish, or yellowish tint.

    What do CBD products taste like?

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    People often choose pure CBD isolates because they are colorless, odorless, and flavorless. Isolates have no taste or flavor characteristics, unlike full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD products, which have a bold, rich, and full-bodied cannabis plant flavor. So, whether blending into a smoothie or crafting an exciting new personal skincare product, isolates integrate perfectly without affecting your creation’s original look, taste, or smell.

    What to do with isolates

    You can blend isolates into virtually anything because they are so incredibly versatile! Got a favorite recipe? Add a dash of isolate to the mix, and you’ve suddenly got medicinal CBD edibles. Spike your coffee, tea, and other beverages with CBD isolate to give them a wellness kick. Or create your very own moisturizers, skin balms, salves, and bath bombs. The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run free.

    What’s the difference between powdered isolate vs oils?

    Powdered CBD differs from a CBD isolate tincture in a major way: tinctures are made with a carrier oil that is meant to dilute the strength of highly concentrated powders. As a result, CBD tinctures offer a wide spectrum of low to high-potency CBD dosage options. Typical carrier compounds include coconut oil, olive oil, and hemp seed oil. But the best CBD isolate carrier compound is medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil because it acts as a natural preservative that protects your CBD oil and helps it last longer.

    How to use isolate oils and powders

    THC-free Zero High brand isolates — whether oils or powders — are the most versatile form of CBD. They lack color or flavor characteristics, making it easy for anyone to integrate CBD into their wellness plan for better health.

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    Best way to use CBD powders

    CBD isolates are so pure they crystallize at room temperature. For best results, apply low heat (140 to 175 °F) to melt CBD crystals and watch as the powder transforms into a consistency similar to corn syrup. Blend liquefied CBD into any fatty carrier compound to make supercharged CBD product creations of your very own:

    • Make concentrated tinctures using your preferred carrier oils
    • Infuse with butter or any other cooking oils by melting them in a saucepan over low heat
    • Add to your next soap recipe, make your own bath bombs, or spike your shampoo and conditioner
    • Whip up homemade moisturizers and skin balms that nourish and heal the skin from the outside in
    • Formulate soothing salves and balms to spread a little TLC on minor cuts, scrapes, and burns
    • Add to your favorite recipes for cookies, biscuits, muffins, and more
    • Make your very own CBD honey

    Finely granulated “nano” isolates have a softer, silkier feel, similar to cornstarch or flour. Nano isolates are typically water soluble and perfect for blending into protein shakes, smoothies, and cold drinks.

    Best ways to use CBD oil tinctures

    People love using CBD isolate drops instead of powders because they offer a smoother taste experience and more convenient dosing for people on the go. Tinctures are already premixed and ready to blend into anything hot or cold using the calibrated dropper included with your bottle:

    • Blend into morning smoothies or stir into yogurt
    • Add to your post-workout protein shake
    • Stir into hot oatmeal, cereal, or grits
    • Drizzle over salads, fruit, or cottage cheese
    • Mix into hummus, dips, and dressings
    • Add to the pan before cooking on the stove
    • Drop some into your evening cup of chamomile tea as a “secret ingredient”
    • Blend with your other favorite tinctures and supplements to supercharge them with the powerful health benefits of CBD

    Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to adding CBD to your everyday wellness plan, so feel free to explore!

    How much to take

    CBD does not have a one-size-fits-all dose because everyone is unique. Variations in weight, individual body chemistry, and personal wellness concerns may affect how much you need to feel better.

    It’s easy to figure out how much CBD to take using our dose chart. All you need to get started is your current body weight and less than one minute of your time.

    CBD health benefits

    CBD is a pleiotropic natural medicine that uses many different molecular pathways in the human body. One of the major pathways CBD uses to help you feel better is the endocannabinoid system, or ECS for short. Cannabinoid receptors in the ECS regulate your body’s most vital functions, including the mood you’re feeling today, how sensitive you are to pain, and whether you slept well or tossed and turned last night.

    Researchers believe this may be why CBD promotes a wide spectrum of potential benefits:

    • Everyday stress
    • Nervous tension
    • Occasional anxiety relief
    • Mild mood changes
    • Minor muscle aches and joint pain
    • Inflammation
    • Immune system function
    • Digestion
    • Sleep/wake rhythms

    CBD is indicated for healthy adult individuals 18 years of age and older. If you have been diagnosed with any serious health issues, talk to your primary healthcare provider before you order CBD. Tell your doctor about any medications you take as part of your treatment plan. Some medications may interact when taken together with CBD.

    Safety & potential side effects

    CBD side effects are generally mild and temporary, based on decades of cannabis research. They may last between four to six hours time if they do occur and include dry mouth, tiredness, gastrointestinal upset, or appetite changes.

    The potential risk of an adverse reaction depends on the dose you take. Studies show large CBD doses are more likely to cause an adverse event, so you should stay within well-established dosing limits known to have a very low instance of side effects.

    Can you overdose on CBD isolate?

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    Allergic reactions are rare, but your risk may increase if you have previously shown sensitivity to other foods, plant-based products, or medications.

    Final thoughts

    CBD isolate powder and CBD isolate oil are the ultimate in potency and purity. They offer versatility and add convenience to your wellness plan.

    Powders and oils are just the beginning. Whether you’re inclined to go with the simplicity of CBD oil drops, the playful nature of gummies, the discrete charm of softgels, or the targeted approach of topical application, there’s a CBD product tailored to your unique needs and wellness concern symptoms.

    Frequently asked CBD isolate questions

    Find the answers to common CBD isolate product questions below. Don’t see the information you need? Contact a Cannabiva Wellness Advisor for great customer service today!

    Hemp isolates offer the purest and most potent form of concentrated CBD you can imagine, with up to 99.7% Cannabidiol and nothing else — not even a hint of the psychoactive substance THC.

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