A Guide To CBD Dabs, Dabbing Cannabidiol, And Finding The Best Dab Products

A Guide To CBD Dabs, Dabbing Cannabidiol, And Finding The Best Dab Products

With the ever-increasing popularity of CBD, more people are seeking new and exciting ways to consume it - and this is where CBD dabs come in. Dabbing cannabidiol provides an exceptionally pure and powerful experience for enthusiasts. But, what exactly is dabbing, and how does it compare to other consumption methods?

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    What are CBD dabs?

    CBD, or cannabidiol is derived from the hemp plant, and dabs are essentially concentrated doses of it. In a nutshell, to dab is to vaporize these concentrates and inhale the resultant vapor, allowing for rapid and potent effects.

    These concentrates can come in many various forms such as shatter, wax, distillate, or even live resin. While they may appear different on the surface, underneath it all, they’re each designed to give you the purest and most intense CBD experience possible.

    The different ways to dab

    Here are some of the various ways you can get your dab on:

    A CBD dab rig

    One of the most common ways to enjoy CBD dabs is with a glass dab rig. This method involves a glass “nail” heated to high temperatures, (usually with a blow torch or electronically). You can then employ a metal dabbing tool to vaporize the concentrate.

    Portable electronic devices

    If you prefer a more modern approach, there are CBD dab pens – portable electronic devices that simplify the dabbing process. These tend to make it cleaner and less intimidating for beginners.

    Why dabbing stands out

    With extracts used for dabbing ranging in purity and potency from 60% up to a very impressive 95% CBD, it’s probably no surprise that CBD dabs provide one of the purest CBD experiences available – as well as being the fastest-acting way to take it.

    When you compare the effect of dabbing to other methods, the difference is noticeable. Whether you’re using shatter, wax, live resin, CBD crumble, or distillates, the immediate and intense impact is undeniable. Among these, CBD isolate stands out as it’s 99% pure CBD, without any THC or other cannabinoids.

    The benefits and effects of dabbing

    The primary benefit of dabbing is down to its fast-acting nature. Many dabbers describe the sensation as a wave of relaxation, without the need for a high associated with THC-rich products.

    Inhaling CBD through the dabbing process also has the highest bioavailability (up to 56% according to some studies). If you’re not familiar with bioavailability, it essentially means that your body absorbs a greater amount of CBD (with 56% of the active ingredients becoming available to your body).

    Remember, while dabs offer numerous potential benefits, the quality of the product should be your priority. Always seek out third-party lab-tested products by reputable brands to ensure you’re getting the best product.

    Is dabbing safe and legal?

    The process of dabbing differs from smoking, primarily because it involves vaporizing the concentrate instead of combusting it. While the research is ongoing, dabbing appears to be safer, provided the products are high quality and free from harmful additives.

    While CBD is legal, the presence of THC in any product can cross the line into illegal territory depending on where you live. Always check the THC content, and if in doubt, opt for a “no THC” option.

    A quick look at CBD concentrates

    CBD concentrates come in many forms and flavors, and they each offer unique components and effects. Terpenes, naturally occurring compounds in the hemp plant have an influence over the aroma and taste of the dab, which can enhance the overall experience.

    • Often amber in color, shatter looks like candy and is one of the purest forms of CBD concentrates
    • Wax has a softer consistency than shatter. It’s easy to work with and offers a rich blend of terpenes and cannabinoids
    • A refined form of CBD, distillate has been stripped from all other cannabinoids and terpenes, resulting in a pure and potent concentrate
    • Extracted from fresh hemp plants, live resin captures the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes in all their glory, for a more aromatic experience
    • The purest form of CBD, isolate is perfect for those who want to avoid THC completely

    How to choose the best products for you

    When it comes time to select the best products, it’s not just all about potency. The extraction process, the hemp source, and even the device used to dab will play a crucial role in your experience.

    Seek out products with a full spectrum or broad spectrum label, as they contain other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. Having said that, if you’re keen to skip THC altogether, you best opt for CBD isolate-based products.

    Ready to dive into the world of CBD dabs?

    CBD dabbing is absolutely worth exploring, especially if you’re chasing intense, fast-acting effects. While it might seem a little intimidating initially, once you’re familiar with the process, it may just become your favorite method of CBD consumption.

    By always prioritizing quality and educating yourself on how to dab safely, you’re on your way to a heightened CBD experience. For more information, take a look at our deep dive on shatter and our exploration of concentrates, and check out our top quality full spectrum and broad spectrum distillate products.

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