Is CBD Legal In Australia? Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy (Updated For 2023)

Is CBD legal in Australia? Stay Out of Trouble w/ This Buyers Guide

CBD use has exploded in popularity worldwide, with millions of people taking it for everyday health conditions like arthritis, back pain, anxiety, stress, mood imbalance, and sleep problems.

It was almost impossible to get CBD in Australia until only recently. But with CBD regulations easing, Australians can now experience its powerful benefits without the worry of getting into trouble with the law.

While hemp-based extracts continue to be strictly regulated in Australia, understanding the current laws will help you find and acquire this once-outlawed natural medicine more easily than ever before.

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    What is the current legal status of CBD in Australia?

    In 2021 the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia announced significant changes to how hemp oil extracts are classified according to the law.

    Before this change, accessing hemp oils was extremely difficult and required a medical doctor’s prescription. Once a patient prescription was acquired, finding a company that could dispense CBD while staying within Australia’s legal framework was equally challenging.

    But today is a new day for Australian CBD users!

    TGA no longer considers CBD a Schedule 4 therapeutic and has downgraded it to a Schedule 3 medicine that can now be purchased over the counter without a prescription.

    There is one catch, however. As of this writing in 2023, no stores in Australia have been approved to carry CBD oil or other hemp-based cannabis derivatives like CBN or CBG.

    Your best bet right now is to legally buy CBD online and have it shipped to you in Australia.

    What type of CBD is legal in Australia?

    The legal framework set forth in Australia allows you to purchase CBD lawfully if it meets the following guidelines:

    1. Over-the-counter CBD is only legal if it contains 98% or more Cannabidiol (CBD) and less than 1% THC (the psychoactive ingredient found in hemp)
    2. No additional cannabinoids (e.g., CBN or CBG) can be added to the preparation and must occur naturally at 2% or less of the product
    3. Users must be 18 years of age or older to take CBD

    Your CBD product must also be used in oral, sublingual, or oromucosal forms to be classified in the Schedule 3 over-the-counter designation in Australia.

    How can I buy CBD in Australia?

    It is still very difficult to find a physical retail location at which to buy CBD legally in Australia.

    There is good news, however.

    Australians can purchase TGA Schedule 3 CBD products online from US-based website retailers like and legally have them shipped.

    When buying CBD online, it is essential to find a product that meets the regulatory requirements of the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

    Specifically, this means finding a CBD product that contains 98% cannabidiol, less than 2% naturally occurring cannabinoids like CBN and CBG, and less than 1% THC.

    How do I choose CBD products that conform to TGA guidelines?

    You will notice several types of CBD when researching hemp-based cannabis products online. They include full spectrum, broad spectrum, and pure isolate CBD.

    All of these products are essentially the same thing, which is CBD. But they vary in the amount of cannabinoids they contain, namely, THC.

    Legal full spectrum CBD oil for Australian markets has the most THC available. But even that is a very tiny amount of the psychoactive compound because United States federal law prohibits concentrations over 0.3% THC for all over-the-counter CBD products sold in America.

    Broad spectrum CBD oil might be your best bet if you are a cautious consumer and want to make absolutely certain that your CBD falls within TGA regulations. A true broad spectrum CBD product contains less than 0.0% THC.

    Pure CBD oil isolate is another alternative to full and broad spectrum products. Isolate CBD blends are single-molecule, so they contain only one hemp compound – Cannabidiol. All other compounds are filtered out of the preparation, so no THC, CBN, CBG, or other hemp-based compounds can be found.

    Can CBD products be shipped to Australia?

    Following the TGA announcement, the Australian Border Force (ABF) has eased many restrictions on importing CBD products.

    Though they regularly test products entering the country, it has become much easier for Australians to receive their CBD from international origins.

    The importance of purchasing a product that meets the Schedule 3 classification cannot be understated, as ABF continues to enforce the importation of medical cannabis products.

    To pass through customs control, your CBD must contain 98% or more CBD and less than 1% THC.

    What does the future hold for CBD legality in Australia?

    Like many other Western countries, Australia has come around to the use of CBD as an effective therapeutic for various medical concerns.

    These initial steps at deregulating CBD to an over-the-counter product bode well for its future prospects.

    In time, Australia will begin certifying products for legal sale in Australian retail stores so consumers Down Under can easily acquire and start taking CBD products.

    For now, however, purchasing online and importing from countries like the United States is the best option for those looking to take CBD medicines.

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